What are some cool ways to have a fohawk for long hair?

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Lots and lots and lots of gel.

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Does hair putty work the same as gel?

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Yup should work the same.

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Try teasing it? And then use gel or some sort of hairspray.

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Okay when i was a teen i had a faux hawk but it was short neck line now i want to try it with my long hair but does it work the same?

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The more hair gel the better :D

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I had a long mohawk which was awesome and super easy to style and looked great. I would say just shave the sides and go with it but when wearing it down you will have that trendy whole side cut look. But a way for it to be not messy and without cutting the sides is to french braid the sides back into a mock mohawk.

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Sweet thanks ima try braiding the sides pulling it all back thanks.=) I could never shave my head it's too big xD

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Elmer's glue X) the washable kind. Also try teasing it.. Don't use gel on more than the base though, gel is too heavy for the fauxhawk to stay up. Try using mousse or wax, those both work pretty well.

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Banana clips, mousse, hair spray.

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