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Name: Age: Gender: Hometown: Siblings: Pets: Hair colour: Eye colour: Shoe size: Weight: Height: Fave song: Fave male singer: Fave female singer: Fave tv show: Fave lesson at shool: Where are you right now: What are you wearing: Best physical feature: Worst physical feature: Best quality in you: Worst quality in you: Fave celebrity: Fave magazine: Fave word: Fave shop: Describe your style: Fave person: Fave thing to do:

Tah!! Xxx

Answer #1

Name: Vanesa Roxana Lucas Berardi (lol >.<) [latinagurl] Age: 15 Gender: female Hometown: Brampton, Ontario Siblings: 2bros Pets: dead ;; Hair colour: Dark brown, red highlights Eye colour: Dark Brown, (blackish looking) Shoe size: 7 1/2 Weight: == Height: 5’4 Fave song: cant choose Fave male singer: top same Fave female singer: Amy Lee Fave tv show: anime/ Mad tv Fave lesson at shcool: Art/japanese Where are you right now: Basement, in my house, in canada ,in earth, in the universe What are you wearing: panties, bra,(^_^”)socks, hoodie, tank, skinnies Best physical feature: back, shoulders Worst physical feature: my tummie (xp) Best quality in you: im very nice Worst quality in you: saracstic/ quiet Fave celebrity: Fave magazine: shojo beat Fave word: baka (japanese) Fave shop: Stitches Describe your style: tight pants/shirts and loose jacket/hoodies Fave person: my BFF’S/ family Fave thing to do: chill

Answer #2

Age: 16 , I will be 17 in dec 8th Gender: male Hometown: africa Siblings: 8 , 3 are my step brothers Pets: none , but I would like to have a cat Hair colour: black Eye colour: hazel Shoe size: dont know Weight: 130 . I hate it Height: 5 .5 Fave song: jump . simple plan Fave male singer: simple plan ( band ` Fave female singer: avril lavegine Fave tv show: the biggest loser , house , er , scrubs Fave lesson at shool: english , biology . Where are you right now: at home as always What are you wearing: gray pants and red & blue shirt Best physical feature: none Worst physical feature: thighs Best quality in you: im nice Worst quality in you: I get angry easily Fave celebrity: dont know Fave magazine: I dont read magazines Fave word: bone Fave shop: ,… Describe your style: ,,, Fave person: I d ont know Fave thing to do: watching tc and talk to my polish friend and listen to music

Answer #3

Name:Felecia Duncan Age:15 Gender:Female Hometown:Scott County Siblings:2 brothers 2 sisters Pets:1 cat Hair colour:blonde Eye colour:green Shoe size:4 Weight:89 Height:5’2 Fave song:Thunder (Boys like Girls) Fave male singer:David Cook Fave female singer:Jordan Sparks Fave tv show:One Tree Hill Fave lesson at shool:English Where are you right now:School What are you wearing:leggings w/ a skirt and an abercrombie shirt Best physical feature:eyes Worst physical feature:highs Best quality in you:I’m always happy Worst quality in you:I let people walk all over me Fave celebrity:umm…? Fave magazine:umm…? Fave word:freakin Fave shop:hollister, american eagle, aeropostle, abercrombie and fitch Describe your style:preppy Fave person:Jacob Butts (me boyfriend) Fave thing to do:Cheerleading

Answer #4

Name: Bethany Age: 15 Gender:female Hometown: Gaffney Siblings: Richard(little brother) Pets: lucky and daisy(dogs), snickers(horse) Hair colour: blonde Eye colour: they change color everyday between green, blue, and gray Shoe size: 8 1/2 Weight: 105 Height: 5’4 Fave song:Gun Powder and Lead Fave male singer: Brad Paisley Fave female singer: too many to list Fave tv show: Secret Life of the American Teenager Fave lesson at shool: band Where are you right now: sittin on tha couch at home What are you wearing: long socks, jeans, and a white low cut sweater with a brown tank top on under it Best physical feature: I don’t know Worst physical feature: my long face Best quality in you: you can always trust me with anything Worst quality in you: when I get mad I cuss like a sailor Fave celebrity: I don’t know most of them are crazy Fave magazine: any kind that has what I want to hear Fave word: blondetudeness (I made it up ; ) ) Fave shop: hollister Describe your style:whatevr I feel like at tha moment lol Fave person: any of my aunts Fave thing to do:shop and horseback ride

Answer #5

Name: Sarah Age: 20 Gender: F Hometown: Sumter, SC Siblings: 3 sisters Pets: 1 puppy 1 kitten Hair colour: dark brown Eye colour: hazel Shoe size: flip flop 9 dress shoe 10 tennis shoe 11 I know its weird Weight: not going to say too embarrised Height: 5’8 Fave song: Amazed by Lonestar Fave male singer: none Fave female singer: none Fave tv show: Too many to name Fave lesson at shool: math Where are you right now: in bedroom waiting on food to be done What are you wearing: pj’s bc I just got out shower Best physical feature: my dimple on my left cheek Worst physical feature: my body size :(( Best quality in you: kind heart Worst quality in you: people always putting me down :(( Fave celebrity: Too many to name Fave magazine: dont read them Fave word: yeppers Fave shop: Old Navy, Tommy Hilfigure Describe your style: confey clothes Fave person: my fiance Fave thing to do: tv, music, surf net, video games and many more

Answer #6

Name: Jessica Age: 17 Gender: FEMALE Hometown: Bradford,TN Siblings: 1 sis and 1 bro Pets: sooo many I cant name them all Hair colour: blonde Eye colour: green/sometimes grey Shoe size: 9 Weight: I don’t know Height: 5’6 Fave song: dont think I dont think about it Fave male singer: darius rucker or kidd rock Fave female singer: carrie underwood I guess, I don’t know Fave tv show: notorious/women behind bars Fave lesson at shool: spanish Where are you right now: sittin in my livingroom at the computer What are you wearing: a black tshirt, jeans, tongue ring, and a bandaid lol Best physical feature: my face Worst physical feature: uh…probably my ankles (I hate my ankles) Best quality in you: I love everybody and I always forgive everybody for everything Worst quality in you: I love everybody and I forgive everybody for everything Fave celebrity: JOHNNY DEPP Fave magazine: seventeen Fave word: uh lol I don’t know Fave shop: spencers Describe your style: unique, I am my own person if you dont like it, screw off Fave person: KEITH COPLEY AND ANGEL PAGE Fave thing to do: hang with my brother and my mom lol yea I know its weird

Answer #7

Name: Mimi Age: 17 Gender: Female Hometown: Lakewood WASHINGTON Siblings: 2 lil brothers, Koby and Cody Pets: Puppy Hair colour: Black Eye colour: Brown Shoe size: Umm… Weight: 110 Height: 5 something Fave song: Thats a hard one… Fave male singer: Hmmm… Fave female singer: Hmmm…Rihanna’s pretty good! Fave tv show: Hmmm… Fave lesson at shool: Uhh Physical Education Where are you right now: Home What are you wearing: Black shirt with a red heart…and Hello kitty PJ’S Best physical feature: My eyes… Worst physical feature: Legs… Best quality in you: Umm a lot Worst quality in you: I don’t know? Fave celebrity: Hmm Fave magazine: Hmm Fave word: Hmm Fave shop: Hot topic…Spencers…Sweet kitty…and more!!! Describe your style: Umm regular t’s with any detail…skinny jeans…sorta preppy…mm not really Fave person: My grandpa Fave thing to do: EAT lol umm chill with friends… :):):):):):):) &hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;

Answer #8

Name: Kira (Crow) Age: 12.5 Gender: Female Hometown: Prefer not to say Siblings: Only child Pets: Rats, fish, horse, cats and geckos Hair colour: Brown Eye colour: hazel Shoe size: 10 Womens Weight: 123 lbs? Height: 5 ft 9in Fave song: ‘Burn’ by The Cure Fave male singer: Billy Idol Fave female singer: Leona Lewis Fave tv show: Moonlight (no longer running) and Chuck Fave lesson at shool: Science Where are you right now: At my computer, typin’ this! What are you wearing: Carebear sweatshirt, jeans, black socks Best physical feature: My face shape and hips Worst physical feature: Teeth and a scar on my left cheek Best quality in you: I am very sarcastic Worst quality in you: I speak my mind too much, so I get in heaps of trouble! Fave celebrity: Brandon Lee and Aaliyah Fave magazine: American Girl/Discovery Girl Fave word: Spiffy or Nifty! Fave shop: Hot Topic or Petco:D Describe your style: Relaxed/Punk Fave person: My mom Fave thing to do: Sleep!!!

Answer #9

Name: Ashley P. Age: 13 Gender: Female Hometown: Elkhorn, WI Siblings: 1 younger sister(Cassie) Pets: 1 doberman dog(Sassy) Hair colour: light brown with natrual blond highlights Eye colour: blue Shoe size: 7 Weight: 112lb Height: 5”5’ Fave song: Our Song by Taylor Swift Fave male singer: Rascal Flatts Fave female singer: Taylor Swift Fave tv show: CMT music(contiuous country music) Fave lesson at shool: none Where are you right now: home on the computer What are you wearing: green shirt and jeans Best physical feature: eyes Worst physical feature: face(lots of blackheads,:-P) Best quality in you: very good at horseback riding Worst quality in you: being nice to people I hate Fave celebrity: Ashley Greene Fave magazine: ok! Fave word: ello! Fave shop: Kohls Describe your style: tomboy Fave person: me myself and I! Fave thing to do: hang with my best friends(Shanna, Sacha, Justice, and Jessica)

Answer #10

Name: Celeste Age: 18 Gender: F Hometown: Fayetteville, GA Siblings: Twin sister and an older brother Pets: none Hair colour: black/brown Eye colour: brown almost black Shoe size: enough Weight: none ya business Height: 5’5 Fave song: at the moment Emergency by Joe Fave male singer: don’t have one Fave female singer: don’t have one Fave tv show: at the moment, Big Brother, Top Model Fave lesson at shool: I’m in college, I don’t have a fav subject anymore lol Where are you right now: my room What are you wearing: clothes Best physical feature: my eyes Worst physical feature: everything else Best quality in you: I don’t know, my personality I guess Worst quality in you: I get jealous easy and I’m negative about everything Fave celebrity: don’t have one Fave magazine: don’t read em Fave word: booyah! Fave shop: Ross and Walmart Describe your style: simple Fave person: my boyfriend at the moment Fave thing to do: sleep and spend weekends with my boyfriend

BOOYAH! &hearts;

Answer #11

name: Ciara Lynn Story Age: 14 gender: F hometown: Ina Il. (close 2 Mt. Vernon, IL siblings: step brother, and one sister Pets: one dog, fish, cat, lizards, and hamsters! hair colour: light brown and blonde with dark brown! shoe size: 6 1/2 weight: 82 lbs height: 5’1 favorite song: “walk it out” by UNK favorite male singer: Chris Brown fav. female singer: rihanna<Pink< and Avril Lavinge and Britney Spears!! LOL! Fav t.v show: discovery channel I love A Haunting!! fav. lesson in school: Spelling! (so easy!!) where you r @ right now: I have a laptop so on the couch! What are u wearing: a hip shirt saying peace and really really short green shorts Best physical feature: My eyes! they are so big and blue!! Worst physical feature: Im forgetful and my feet sweat in track A LOT!!! fav. celeb.: Corbin Bleu!!! He is HOT!!! fav. mag. j-14 or m magizine! Favorite word: AWESOME fav. store: for some reason I love Wal-mart!! descibe your style: preppy and mostly tom-boyish!! fav person; my mommy!! fav thing 2 do: sleep!! draw!! and run track!!

                                                      _Ciara_ <3
Answer #12

Name: Byron Age: 18 Gender: Male Hometown: San Francisco Siblings: Only child Pets: one dog and a goldfish Hair colour: Blonde Eye colour: Blue Shoe size: 13 Weight: As if im telling you Height: 6’ 4 fave song: I kissed a girl fave male singer: Justin Timberlake fave female singer: Mary J. Blige fave tv show: Brothers and Sisters fave lesson in school: Chemistry Where are you now: My room What are you wearing: Nothing Best physical feature: Chest Worst physical features: Teeth Best quality in u: Honesty/Trustworthiness Worst quality in U: I worry too much Fave Celebrity: Neil Patrick Harris Fave magazine: Out Fave word: Awesome Fave shop: Target Describe your style: Different Fave person: My Aunt Fave thing to do: Spending time at home doing nothing

Are you going to being another one?

Answer #13

Name: Loren Waldo Age: 13 (dont laugh) Gender: Male Hometown: Lakeside Siblings: 4 bros, no sis Pets: 3dogs, 4 horses, 1 lizard,3cats,1 llama. Hair colour: dirty blnde Eye colour: blue Shoe size: 8 1/2 Weight: 108 Height: 5’ 11” Fave song: Light in the dark- Sabaton! Fave male singer: Dont have one. Fave female singer: Dont have one. Fave tv show: FAMILY GUY! Fave lesson at shool: Weights Where are you right now: My house What are you wearing: Grey t shirt, blue jeans, black shoes, boxers Best physical feature: My chest and arms Worst physical feature: ummm, probable thighs Best quality in you: Iz rokz Worst quality in you: umm, I guess I can somtimes be annoying Fave celebrity: GO ADAM SANDLER! Fave magazine: GamePro Fave word: umm Fave shop: Umm, Gamestop or hottopic Describe your style: Ummm, relaxed I guess? Fave person: Ummm, no comment. Fave thing to do:Anything

Answer #14

Name: Jenny Age: 16 Gender: female Hometown: Mount Prospect Siblings: an older brother and an older sister Pets: my dog Max and my two gerbils Nutty and Chewy Hair colour: Brown Eye colour: Green and yellow Shoe size: 9 1/2 Weight: >_< Height: 5’’ 9 Fave song: So Much Love by the Rocket Summer Fave male singer: Bryce Avary, he’s awesome!!! Fave female singer: don’t have one maybe Greta Salpeter Fave tv show: KOTH Fave lesson at shool: does lunch count? Where are you right now: my room What are you wearing: T-shirt and a pair of sweats Best physical feature: hmmm eyes I guess Worst physical feature: my fat butt Best quality in you: good hearted and very trustworthy Worst quality in you: I worry a lot Fave celebrity: ? Fave magazine: Alternative Press Fave word: curo it’s an inside joke Fave shop: the internet or borders Describe your style: Fave person: my sister Fave thing to do: listen to music and sleep

Answer #15

Name: HEATHER Age: 21 Gender: FEMALE Hometown: SAN FERNANDO Siblings: 6 Pets: A DOG AND A TURTLE Hair colour: RED Eye colour: BROWN Shoe size: 7 Weight: 111 POUNDS Height: 5’6 Fave song: TOO MANY Fave male singer: NONE Fave female singer: NONE Fave tv show: ANTM Fave lesson at shool: MATH Where are you right now: TYPING THIS QUIZ What are you wearing: SHORTS AND TOP Best physical feature: LIPS AND EYES Worst physical feature: TEETH …I NEED BRACES LOL Best quality in you: MY PERSONALTIY AND MY LISTENING ABILITY Worst quality in you: NOT GIVING people A CHANCE TO SPEAK I TALK TOO MUCH Fave celebrity: ANNA FARIS, CHARLIZE THERON Fave magazine: NONE Fave word: OK Fave shop: NONE Describe your style: SIMPLE Fave person: NONE Fave thing to do: SLEEP

Answer #16

Name: petE Age: 16 Gender: M Hometown: nah Siblings: 1 Pets: nope Hair colour: brown Eye colour: green/blue Shoe size: 12 Weight:1 165 Height: 5’9’’ Fave song: cookie jar Fave male singer: none Fave female singer: nonoe Fave tv show: lost Fave lesson at shool: pshyc Where are you right now: home What are you wearing: shorts and white t Best physical feature: waist down big as* Worst physical feature: feet (toes are wack) Best quality in you: chill and layed back Worst quality in you: none Fave celebrity: none Fave magazine:none Fave word: shwing Fave shop:none Describe your style: relax Fave person: aunt Fave thing to do: golf

Answer #17

Name: kym Age: old enough Gender: female Hometown: iduno Siblings: iduno Pets: dog, cat,cat Hair colour: brown Eye colour: brown Shoe size: 7/8 Weight: I have no idea Height: umm…5’2 5’3? Fave song: love you to death Fave male singer: peter steale Fave female singer: whitney huston Fave tv show: will and grace Fave lesson at shool: lol Where are you right now: home What are you wearing: big black t-shirt and panties

Best physical feature: my butt Worst physical feature: tummy Best quality in you: deep thinker Worst quality in you: picky Fave celebrity: angelina jolie Fave magazine: vogue? Fave word: sweetie Fave shop: hot topic Describe your style: jeans and black??? I don’t know style Fave person:mum Fave thing to do: sleep

Answer #18

Name: none of your business Age: 15 Gender: female Hometown: not near you Siblings: 2 Pets: none Hair colour: blonde Eye colour: blue Shoe size: 11 Weight: you do not ask a girl that!! Height: 5’8” Fave song: too many Fave male singer: usher. chris brown even tho he a women beater. and any-yo Fave female singer: a lot l0l. Fave tv show: mtv && bet Fave lesson at shool: none..haha Where are you right now: school What are you wearing: clothes Best physical feature: eyes Worst physical feature: I don’t know Best quality in you: uhm..personality Worst quality in you: im nice all around so nthn. Fave celebrity: lil wayne Fave magazine: I don’t know. Fave word: a bunch Fave shop: anythng in da mall Describe your style: I have my own style Fave person: my boiifrann && best frannz Fave thing to do: myspace && txt && chill wit my boiifrann<33

Answer #19

Name: Quinn Age: 16 Gender: Male Hometown: I dont wanna say -0.0 Siblings: 2 One homophobic sis and one homophobic bro pets: none!!! T.T hair color: well.. right now.. Black, white,blue, (its called hair dye not white hairs!!) eye color: Emerald Green Shoe size: eight and a half weight: 110 pounds height: 5’9 Favourite song: hmm.. It’ll have to be Armageddon by marilyn manson Favourite male singer: omg.. uhm… Bill kaulitz. He’s so cute! Favourite female singer: Lady Gaga?? I don’t know.. Favourite tv show: I don’t know Favourite lesson at school: well besides the people. All lessons Where are you right now: Friends house. What are you wearing right now: Skinny black pants, and a Iron Fist Carousel Tee four rainbow wristbands, a baby blue small bow in my hair. Septum, tounge, ears, helix,snakebites,hips,eyebrow,bellybutton Best physical feature: My whole body duh?! Jk.. I’m not that stuck up. Worst Physical feature: well I get three things from people. 1. I’m anorexic 2. I look like a girly guy 3. I’m weak Best Quality: Supportive Worst Quality: Well I think its that I am more sensitive and emotional. others say I’m a
sissy. Favourite Celeb: Marilyn Manson Favourite magazine : NONE! Favourite word: Brilliant Favourite Shop: I don’t know Describe your style : Urban/glittery/random Favourite Person: Whoever understands that I am who I am Favourite thing to do: shop, look in the mirror to pretend I’m 30 pounds heavier, going out places, drawing anime, writing books and poetry…and I guess playing video games o… If you know what I mean…lol

Answer #20

Name: Sarah Age: 14 Gender: female Hometown: I ain’t gonna tell you Siblings: 1 twin brother and 1 sixteen and 1/2 year old brother Pets: 1 rabbit (Lily) 1 sugar glider (Bella) 1 dog (Amy) and two horses (Chloe and Valley) Hair colour: burnette Eye colour: green Shoe size: 71/2-8 Weight: 95 (I know, I’m skinny!) Height: about 5’ 2” Fave song: Seventeen Forever (Metrostation), River Flows in You (Yiruma), and more Fave male singer: Declan Galbraith Fave female singer: uh… I don’t know Taylor Swift? Fave tv show: uh.. I don’t know too many Fave lesson at school: history (I homeschool FYI) Where are you right now: home What are you wearing: jeans, white t-shirt with brown low-cut shirt over it (with 3/4 sleeves) Best physical feature: I don’t know Worst physical feature: I don’t know Best quality in you: uh.. I don’t know that either Worst quality in you: I don’t know that either! Fave celebrity: TAYLOR LAUTNER!!! and Declan Galbraith Fave magazine: hmm.. not sure Fave word: adventure, & puppy Fave shop: you mean store? then.. lol probably Petco Describe your style: well… I want to have a skata girl style, but… I don’t really. so.. I don’t know. not real girly. definetly not. Fave person: me! Just kidding, uh.. I don’t know Fave thing to do: not sure.. a lot of things from training my horse to be ridden to being on the computer to mud sliding in the creek (don’t ask) to taking this survey! lol

Answer #21

Name - andy age- 14 gender- M hometown- bottomish of UK siblings- 2 older bros pets- 3 hamsters hair colour- brown eye colour-brown shoe size- 6 weight-10 stone ish height- 5”5 Favourite song - Ignition Remix - are Kelly Favourite male singer- Chris Brown or Eminem Favourite female singer - Beyonce is supose she good Favourite tv show - Rory and paddys great british adventure favourite lesson at school - Biology Where are you right now - my room what are you wearing now - blue boxers and white teeshirt Best physical feature - strong worst physical feature - fat Best quality - nice, cute and funny (words from an ex) Worst quality - can be imature Favourite celeb - ?? Favourite magazine - Official xbox360 Favourite word - sexy Favourite shop - ?? Describe your style - casual Favourite person - bestfriend Faveourite thing to do - sleep

Answer #22

Name: Clarice Age: 16 Gender: F Hometown: Where ever you want it to be Siblings: 2 B Pets: Cats, guinea pig, budgies, horse, donkey,
Hair colour: Brown Eye colour: Brown Shoe size: 6 Weight: 8st 6 Height: 5”5 Fave song: Lots Fave male singer: James morrison Fave female singer: Rihanna Fave tv show: Friday night project Fave lesson at shool: Art Where are you right now: In a chair What are you wearing: Pj’s Best physical feature: Lips Worst physical feature: Arms + hands, lots of scars Best quality in you: Horse riding, good friend Worst quality in you: swearing, too curious Fave celebrity: Nicole kidman and Robert de Niro Fave magazine: Anyone Fave word: Blue Fave shop: Asos Describe your style: I wear a variety, depends on my mood Fave person: My dad Fave thing to do: Eat, Sleep, horse ride, socialise

Answer #23

Name: Stef Age: 14 Gender: f Hometown: northmapton Siblings: 2 sisters 2 bruvas Pets: 2 dogs Hair colour: brown Eye colour: brown Shoe size: 7 Weight: 7 st 3 Height: 5”5 Fave song: akon, blame it on me Fave male singer: akon Fave female singer: hilary duff Fave tv show: one tree hill Fave lesson at shool: p.e Where are you right now: in my room What are you wearing: jeans, pink tank top, brown uggs Best physical feature: hair Worst physical feature: nose and skin Best quality in you: I dont let anyone be horrible to me Worst quality in you: im really inpatient Fave celebrity: micha barton Fave magazine: vogue Fave word: like Fave shop: river island Describe your style:!! Fave person: my sister Fave thing to do: shop and hang out with mates

Answer #24

Name: sarah Age: 20 Gender: female Hometown: tip Siblings: 3 sisters Pets: hamster Hair colour: light brown Eye colour: dark brown Shoe size: 38 european Weight: 91 pounds Height: 1.56 Fave song: I’ll make love to you - boys II men Fave male singer: justin timberlake, usher Fave female singer: mariah carey Fave tv show: the o.c Fave lesson at shool: art history Where are you right now: in my room What are you wearing: white tank top , pink shorts Best physical feature: lips Worst physical feature: nose Best quality in you: caring Worst quality in you: stubborn Fave celebrity: justin timberlake Fave magazine: cosmopolitan Fave word: crap Fave shop: burberry Describe your style: classy Fave person: justin timberlake Fave thing to do: daydream

Answer #25

Name: Colleen Age: 33 Gender: F Hometown: Virginiatown, ON Siblings: 3 sisters Pets: 4 cats, 2 dogs, 1 hamster, 1 tarantula Hair colour: brown-ish? Eye colour: brown Shoe size: 8 Weight: yeee…nevermind, lol Height: 5’6 Fave song: When The Night Feels My Song - Bedouin Soundclash Fave male singer: Don’t have one Fave female singer: Don’t have one Fave tv show: House Fave lesson at shool: Biology Where are you right now: at home What are you wearing: pajamas :-D Best physical feature: smile (or so I’m told) Worst physical feature: ears - they stick out, lol Best quality in you: patience Worst quality in you: a bit of a perfectionist, lol Fave celebrity: robin williams Fave magazine: Bon Appetit Fave word: love Fave shop: walmart, lol Describe your style: basic Fave person: my spouse Fave thing to do: help

Thanks, that was fun…won’t you do one too?

Answer #26

Name: Adebola Age: 15 Gender: Male Hometown: Sutton Siblings: 4 brothers, 3 sisters Pets: None Hair colour: Black Eye colour: Brown Shoe size: 5/6 Weight: 8 stone Height: 1m 56cm Fave song: Usher - Love In This Club Fave male singer: Usher Fave female singer: Rhianna Fave tv show: Family Guy/South Park Fave lesson at shool: P.E Where are you right now: Home What are you wearing: Clothes Best physical feature: Penis Worst physical feature: ??? Best quality in you: Joking around Worst quality in you:
Fave celebrity: Usher Fave magazine: Fave word: Innit Fave shop: Describe your style: Cool Fave person: Mum Fave thing to do: Go out

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