What companies hire convicted felons for office work?

I am looking for a list of websites and companies that hire convicted felons in the office clerical work.

Answer #1

no one will hire a felon. it wasn’t explained to me that it was a death sentence when I took the plea bargain at age 45 with absolutely no prior charges or convictions. I am in central ohio

Answer #2

Fed Ex and UPS do not hire felons! The Salvation Army is a great company to work for if you like helping others. Domino’s Pizza is strictly against the hiring of felons. Not many places like to take a chance anymore. Pepsi-Co is rumored to hire felons. Second chances are almost gone with the wind.

Answer #3

I to was recently convicted of a felony. I hired a lawyer and was told I would not serve any time because restitution was made. I was told wrong. I served time in the local jail system and have since been released with no probation. I have worked in offices since I was 15 years old and at this point (one month after getting out of jail), I have put in over 600 resumes and have yet to get hired. I have had employers tell me they love me, but because I have a felony conviction they can not hire me. I have a family to support and have no idea what I am going to do. Home Depot, Lowes, Hotels, Restaurants (major chains) and Domino’s (who said I was overqualified) will not hire me. I am at a complete loss and have no where to turn. I am about to lose my house. Which might be a good thing…at least then I can get assistance from the county I live in. Since I own my home, they will not assist me in any way. I am open to any suggestions that anyone has.

Answer #4

It is a seriously unfortunate event that our society casts felons out of the workforce and reduce their chances to succeed. I spit on somebody 5 years ago and I am considered a violent felon now. I can expunge in the year 2018 if I don’t starve to death by then. Somebody needs to change the laws and set time restraints on how far back employers can look or hold against you when itcomes to felons. Every state should be forced to offer work pardons. I would be able to offer you more help finding employment in the clerical field if I new what type of charges you have. Market whatever skills you have and something may come up.

Answer #5

Go to your local welfare office and sometimes you case worker may have the list of companies. Yes, there is a list! Most of the time its hanging up in there cubicle with all the other papers.Also check with your local pantry.Telemarketing, market research,and customer service places hire felons if its not a theft or violent offense. Lowes, home depot, buskens, rumpke and many more. Also try the urban league, the free store,goodwill and salvation army. If they dont have a job they can refer your to a company who does.

Answer #6

I also heard that Salvation Army and Fed Ex hires those who have felonies. Good luck…

Answer #7

I can tell you that sleepy’s does not hire fellons so if you are like me Chris F. from Boston boycot !!!

Answer #8

While some companies do hire felons, all it takes is one incident to change that. A few years ago a researcher stole some rare maps from a library at Yale University. The university took it upon themselves afterwords to do “retroactive” background checks on all employees,esp. focusing on the service workers. Approximately 75 people were let go, even the ones who “told the truth” on their applications. It was legal.

I do believe that UPS hires felons on a case-by-case basis, but I ma positive that Fedex does not.

It’s too bad someone with savvy who is a felon that resides where there are a high number of ex-offenders who could organize neighborhood boycotts of companies who do not hire ex-offenders. Not necessarily talking about someone out of the lockup, but someone who’s been out of the system for a while. Why should you or your family and friends do business with a company if they don’t hire you or your family members because you have a past, or refuse to promote you even though you have proven yourself as an asset to the company?

I think that there ought to be actions such as having 100 felons, in suits, showing up to companies to turn in resumes and fill out applications that are known not to hire felons…and bring journalists. Video it and put it on the internet. Write letters. Organize boycotts and write to shareholders.

I’, just sayin…

Answer #9

I am looking for companies that hire convicted felonies in the sacramento california area for warehouse, customer service or telemarket please can some one let me know please thank you.

Answer #10

My sister is looking for companies that hire felons as well. She was convicted on a drug charge over 4 years ago and has been through programs. She’s been clean and sober for 4 years. She recently lost her job, that she already had when she was convicted. She is an experienced administrative assistant, but no one will hire her because of the felony. Can you pass along any advice that you may have on what you found?

Answer #11

hi..I was convicted on embezzlement..the amount was under 10,000 dollars.I got 2 years probation.but I cant find a job for anything.when they do background checks does it just show the state you live in record or does it show everything.mine was a federal case.thanks for anything you can tell me

Answer #12


To find companies hiring felons in your area, go to http://www.governmentjobs.com and find your local employment office.

They should be able to put you on the right track to finding a job. Good luck!

Answer #13


I am a Career Services company that assist with employment for all individuals. If you have a pen, please write down this information.

Home Depot Lowes Dillards Labor Ready Stivers Hospitality Careers at Hotels: Hilton, Sheraton,

Answer #14

I really think that a lot of these so called organizations that claim to assist convicted felons get a job, are actually committing crimes themseleves. All they do is take money from the tax payers, without assisting anyone in need. A true case manager or job developer actually goes out and communicate with businesses that are willing to take a chance on hiring a felon. But the truth of the matter is that they do not have any relationship with these companies, and all they do is tell you to go online and search for jobs, I can do that in the comfort of my home without me having to enter your program or visit your office. These organizations are making millions of dollars doing nothing. Watch out of the Urban League, Atlanta Enterprise Center, The United Way. And it is sad but even the religuous organizations will lie in your face, it seems that everyone wants to make a profit off other people misfortune. So the question that I have to ask is who are the real criminals? The Felons or the United Way, Urban League, the Religious organizations, or is it a combination of both? I think those that have a blemish on their record should stop looking for an open door, and instead go through the window. I have made a mistake and I am truly sorry for the poor decesion that I made. But how long should this country continue to deny us at least a chance. It disturbs me that felons can not find employment but former political leaders who have a felony can run for office.

Answer #15

It’s crazy because it only causes people (some) to turn to “other” ways that might not have even been a thought if they had other means of making a living. My heart goes out to any and all individuals that are trying to right their lives and no one wants to help. I’m not a felon but I personally worked for The Salvation Army for over 6 years and they will definitely hire someone with a conviction depending on the job. Keep your heads up and don’t give up!!

Answer #16

I honestly don’t know. I live in NC and I got convicted in another state in 2004. I got a job as an Administrative Assistant in 2006 and remained there until this year, due to layoffs. I wasn’t honest on my application about this because I was desperate for a job after being rejected so many times. The company that I worked for only did a statewide background check for NC and my criminal record didn’t show up. Once again, I am out of a job and now it is very difficult because I am trying to be honest about everything. I never served any time in prison because I accepted a plea bargain, so I don’t know what the outcome will be.

Answer #17

The companies that you as a felon start. Then you hire others like yourself who are responsible and accountable. This is a body helping itself. When a body works itself it becomes stronger from the strength within. We as a body have to build ourselves because no one else will. Blacks did it, women did it, we have to do it and keep doing it.

Answer #18

i too have experienced this problem! i comitted a armed home invasion in my teens and was charged as an adult. i am 31 and find that i am having a hell of a time finding work regardless of the fact that i have been out of the system for 7.5 years. i too was fired after lying on an application about my past after making manager a big pizza company. the only jobs i seem to find (few and far between) are fast food and labor pool. how can society exspect us to take the right road when they give us no positive options. my heart goes out to all of you, i so deeply feel the pain and disappointment of rejection. my only advice is to keep going….keep applying… and keep your heads up. someone… somewhere will see you… the you of today and not the you of then.

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