Is conversating a word in English?

Originally, the proper word would be, “I was conversing with him about soccer” but now I hear this one being used a lot, is it being adapted into English or is still considered improper?

Answer #1

It’s improper. The proper is still “conversing”, and I cringe when I hear people say “conversate”’s not a word.

Answer #2

But the cool think is you can mix words to gather and people get the gist of what you are saying. My fav is fixento.

Answer #3

See, that’s different - people can “play” with words to make new and fun words, it’s the people who are ignorant of the proper forms of English that get on my nerves.

Answer #4

Yes I know, I seat next to a guy with a masters in English, sometimes I want to strangle him. What in the hell is a Master in English good for, annoying other people on their gamer.

Answer #5

Grammar* :]

Answer #6

LOL, ty, trying to muti task, there was a question on that just the other day, this one girl said she can do two different task at the same time with each hand. I have trouble with one task with both hands.

Answer #7

Lol, I was just messing with you. :P It was just a typo, I don’t really care. :D

Answer #8

OMG, i hate when people make a big deal about how others talk.. as long as you can understand what they are saying, then why does it matter? only losers sit around waiting for someone to make a typo, or use “improper” English.. Oh yeah, and if any of you live in the United States, we dont speak English.. we speak American.. There is a difference.. Understood?

Answer #9

I’m a little lost as to how this answers the question though, I understand your rant but my question doesn’t ask what you feel is right or wrong; I’m simply asking if “conversating” is a word. Also, I don’t remember American ever being classified as a language, in America we speak English. Unless I’ve been living in the wrong America my whole life :/

Answer #10

Be nice.

Answer #11

He’s just being honest.

Answer #12

Randon Comment: I read this question and it reminded me of Bear Grylls on ‘Man vs. Wild’ constantly saying ‘disorientating’. It’s so tempting to add extra syllables lol.

Answer #13

He was being nice. He didn’t use the word ignorance or ridiculous even once.

Answer #14

I need to consult the oxford dictionary but the word doesn’t look right.

Answer #15

Well, that doesn’t matter. Check out the English language. Then listen to how Americans speak and write. There is a huge difference. Duhh. Of course you wouldn’t know. haha. We as Americans have come up with our own way of doing lots of things like.. American foods.. traditions, customs.. i shouldnt expect someone like you to know that though. So i doesnt matter what you’ve heard is a language or not or what you’ve learned in your “how to speak English” class. People come up with their own languages everyday.

Answer #16

I live in New York…? English is one of the most commonly used languages here, along with Spanish. I think what you are referring to is slang but that still isn’t considered a language that people are mandated to learn. Oh and I’m not sure what point it is that you are trying to make here? Care to explain because I think you distorted my question a whole lot :/

Answer #17

dont worry, your proving it again. lol.

Answer #18

dont worry, your proving it again. lol.

Answer #19

This is a little nonsensical… American culture is derived from the meshing together of a lot of other cultures, same thing with the English languages, it has roots in all Romance languages. But what you are essentially saying doesn’t make any sense?

Answer #20

actually… English is a Germanic language that has been greatly influenced by French loan words from the Norman invasion… Latin loan words from Catholicism and its inherent influence in medieval scholarship… earlier when you consider the expanse of the Roman empire… and Spanish loan words via interaction in the Americas. It has received more input from the Romance languages than any other Germanic language though… signed… Cliff Claven. Just to augment your argument and be an all around smart aleck pain in the a$$… ;)

Answer #21

Miguel- I’m pretty certain she was assuming that because your name is Miguel, you aren’t from America and you learned english from “‘how to speak english’ class”. Since you’re from New York, her point is really invalid :/ And kind of ignorant. miscegenymiser- Cliff Clavin, lol. :)

Answer #22

Thank you @sunshinebananie :) that explains a lot, sadly.

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