What do i do if i don't have my contacts case?

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Try and find two very small containers, and make sure they are clean and nothing is in them, put the liquid in and use them until you get another case

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Do you have any lens solution? Perhaps you can keep them in that? In separate dishes?

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im at a friends house and i dont have the liquid..

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then you can either leave them in, or throw them away and have to get new ones, unfortunatly

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Just toss the contacts and use your new ones tomorrow. I put in contacts that I had left out of the case and the solution and ended up not being able to see for a week, not even kidding. It's not worth it to keep them.

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they dont help me see. their colored. so my eyes are blue so i dont want to toss them..

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You can do it without the case, without the solution, forget it. They'll dry out. Check with the people you're staying with, they may have saline solution (I live in a house with a pharmacy, so we have the weirdest stuff). That will work. If not, dump them.

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I use egg cups or shot glasses! But nothing can replace the saline solution. Water does NOT work!

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