Could I be considered a geek/nerd?

I love science and other boring stuffs. I like reading anything that will make me learn anything (anything at all), and when I get bored I draw a lot. And I’m almost always bored! Sure, I do some physical activities every once in a while. I do sports and martial arts, but more often than not, I’m drawing or reading articles about biology, theology, politics, foreign culture, nuclear physics and other mind-blowing stuffs that wouldn’t even help me one bit in life. So, am I a nerd? :/

Answer #1

You are extremely normal. And that’s the main thing.

Answer #2

Oh. Thanks. :D

Answer #3

anytime friend…….

Answer #4

Yeah you would categorized in that area. But just because you like that kind of stuff doesn’t mean you’re boring. There are tons of other guys and women who like that stuff.

Answer #5

Yeaa, thanks. It’s just that someone told me that I was boring because I was “a GEEK deprived of all sense of non-boring-ness”. WOW. I mean, what did I do wrong?? D:

Answer #6

Well, i would say you are.. i mean you seem like ultra smart.. your gonna get somewhere someday..:)

Answer #7

Ehh.. Thanks. :) But I’m not ultra-smart. I’m ultra-bored. :D

Answer #8

Look, liking to read and learn new things and whatever is a GIFT & someday you’ll see. Screw what anyone else thinks or labels you as, haha. You sound like an intelligent person who is sure of himself. Your future will be great since you know who you are, which is all that really matters :)

Answer #9

Thanks.. What a nice thing to say. :D

Answer #10

you’re welcome, I truly meant everyy word!

Answer #11

:D Thanks again. You made me feel better. :)

Answer #12

i agree with her! man keep focusin on the books! you ‘lll gooo veryy far in life trust me:) just because your smart doesn’t mean you automatically have bad social skills, plus your active! so your the typical ‘nerd’ ( which is a sterotype)

Answer #13

Thanks chillz. :) Yeaa, I’ll keep on reading and learning stuffs and I’ll really go very far. :)

i dunno what’s a”typical nerd” and what it has to do with me being active. I’m hardly ever active, really. :D

Answer #14

i meant not! sorry:) and just keep doing what your doing!!! martial is a phsyical activity right?

Answer #15

Oh… So I got confused. :P Yea, MA and a little sports and a little whatever thing that I think I can do. :)

Answer #16

You intreats may not excite alot of young people it people who like to party drink and do all the that stuff all the time. You like to sound tome educating yourself and there is nothing wrong with that. I spend my time reading half the day and the other part of the day I read. I hate math but online I like to learn stuff about math and correcting my grammar. I play videos games , I like to watch the travel , history, and national geographic channel. I like that stuff I guess you could call me a geek too

Answer #17

Hahaha. Looks like we have something in common. Oh Yeah. If there’s one thing I HATE a lot, that would be math. I was never good at it. :O

Answer #18

Wanting to learn and to better yourself, does not make you a nerd or a geek. I do this all the time. Learning gives you a far better perspective on life than messing around. The trick is to share what you learn. Give everyone the benefit of your knowledge.

Answer #19

Hmm… That’s a tricky part. :D

Answer #20

Actually I think that someone with interests like yours is waaay more interesting than all those superficial people who go for sports, fast cars, expensive electronics and trendy attire.

If I spend time with people and we talk, then I want be able to discuss the special geology of New Zealand, the economy crisis in Greece or the contagious cancer that threatens Tasmanian devils….

NOT Jennas new makeup style, whether Kelly has gained weight or how Will betrayed his girlfriend. NOR the relationship problems of characters in a TV series. NOR what new and “must have” cell phone, gadget, clothes style, mascara or other lumber people plan on spending all their money for. Because THAT is plain boring to me.

I don’t know whether that makes me a geek or nerd. But I don’t care. I’m me, and I think I’m supposed to be the way I am. If you think that you are a geek, please decide that your geekness is good and be proud of it. Don’t try to change yourself in order to make other people like you. Won’t work. You’d always feel weird around them and secretly despise them for being superficial, dumb, boring and uninformed. If you need social contacts, just find other geeks and hang out with those. They may have quirks, but trust me, a person with a handful of disturbing quirks who shares your interests is way better company than a perfectly socially well adapted normal guy who is interested in fast cars and new entertainment electronics only. Because HIS interests would bore YOU to death. ;-)

Answer #21

Wow…how profound. Hahaha. :D Thanks so much, rotten-sheep-of-evil-what-a-disturbing-name-you-have-my-friend I think you’re right. :)

Answer #22

You sound overly similar to me, which can or can not be a good thing, however that depends on your viewpoint. For i see the so called “nerd” status as an honor. However having said that, reading and drawing really in many ways just come down to a persons creativity and curiosity, i’d say your odd if you didn’t read or draw when bored.

Answer #23

Don’t label yourself.Have better self esteem and believe in yourself.Don’t let others determind your life,only you can control it and determind where your going tomrrow and why you make that choice remember the smart one goes far.

Answer #24

Normality is, by far, overrated. ;)

Answer #25

I consider myself a nerd, and I’m totally glad to say that! I love being a nerd and so should you and everyone else! We will go better places in life and have more opportunities! So, if I were you, I wouldnt care what anyone else says or thinks, I would embrace my nerdyness with the biggest smile on my face! :D

Answer #26

Who CARES?! You’ll be a ‘nerd’ for like 6 years of your life (high school), then, in college, everyone else in your classes will love science too (assuming you are going to get into science… but whatever you get into, everyone else will love that too!) so you’ll be normal! And hanging out with people that have the same interest and were probably called a nerd in school too. Then after college, you’ll have this amazing job that nobody else around you can do, and everyone will be like wow, John is sooo smart! and he’s making sooo much money because he actually paid attention in class and took time to study, as opposed to the people who are calling you a ‘nerd’, I bet they are the ‘cool’ kids failing math right? yeah… cool… haha Embrace who you are john!

Answer #27

I think this is wonderful advice - not to label yourself. We just love putting labels all over ourselves, I’m this, I’m that…. lol, and in a way I think it can be restrictive and also relieve you of some responsibility, example, boss asks you to try to be on time for a meeting and you say, “Oh, well that’s just me to be late, I’m a free spirit… it’s written on my forehead. See?”

Answer #28

I agree with you on that one. :D

Answer #29

Thanks, Renee. :D

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