Good low maintenence dog?

I just purchased a home and both my kids (10 and 4 years. old) are desperate for a pet. I love animals but I don't know if I am ready for one. I just put in hardwood floors and I hate to say it but I don't want a dog to scratch them all up as superficial as that may sound. I would prefer a dog b/c my husband is not a cat lover...what breed could I get that is not too big, low maintenance and is excellent with children?

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Bread and butter magichalo...I was thinking the same thing...a Boston Terrier...they're small, they shed some, but not much...they're a tiny bundle of personality, and they love kids. Also, they don't have the huge amout of possible genetic screw ups that Pugs have...(also a great dog for kids, but risky to buy)...You can't leave them outside, of course, they don't have the type of coat to keep them warm...If I had one here in Montana, I'd even buy it a coat...:) I don't think they can take extreme heat, either (smushed-in nosed dogs usually cannot)...

You could also put your name into the shelter, for a "small dog"...most are terrier crosses, and certainly can hold up to children (You'd be saving a life, too!!)

No matter what you end up with, maybe think of getting one of those Peti-paw things to keep it's nails trimmed, so you don't have to even worry about your floors...(that's not being superficial, that's taking care of what you have)...

A puppy and a Peti-paw...and you'd be good to go!


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my husbands not a cat lover..well he wasn't...he is now (though he'd never admit it!)

but you have to think of who's going to be doing all the work, realistically, I mean, I have a ten and 4 year old (spooky!) and they are quite good, but my two cats are v low maintanence...except they sleep in bed with me (my husbands given up saying no lol!)

but I would look at who's going to do all the work for the pet, a puppy is very energetic and bouncy chewy and roughly-playful...and they stay it fir at least 6 - 12 months min..

but I'm biased...I am a total cat lover, we had dogs, and I ended up doing most of the work (hubby in army at time), but I would think more about what time you have and what time you have that's disposable... for instance, there's no point getting a dog that NEEDS grooming twice a day if you're busy...

I do love dogs, I am just no good at training them, but if you can go for it...

p.s; I love american cockaspanials or king charles...loverly!

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Pugs are NOT low maintence...those cute little eyes are a receipe for constant vet trips...Scratched cornea's affect nearly ALL of them...and with that comes a running prescription for antibiotics...They are wonderful with kids, that's a fact...but they are high maintence when it comes to their health.


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pugs are excellent with children and are very low maintnance. you could get a rescue pug that is already housetrained, rather than having to housebreak him/her. pugs only get to be about 15-20 pounds, so theyre small.

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I have a Beagle and shes awesome with kids and low maintenance - but they love to have time to play outside. Ours is a beagle/hound dog and we love her lots, they are often used for hunting but we kept ours as just a family pet because we don't hunt ♥. They're really cute too, and I get told all of the time how much people love Beagles and their floppy ears.

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Pugs are GREAT friendly family pets, BUT shed a lot, unlike most dog breeds pugs have an undercoat. Pugs also take close to a yr to totally housebreak(although I'm sure there are exceptions to everything) BUT they are great pets...also Golden retrievers are wonderful... if you are looking for a dog who loves to run a lot, hike and play fetch, a pug isnt for you...because of their short snout, they have a tough time breathing. They cant tolerate heat well.
As I was stating above, Golden retrievers or even labs are awesome family pets too and great with kids...

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Chihuahua is low maintenance. But not always good with children, more of a one person dog.

I will tell you a fun all around family dog. That is small and low maintenance and a great family dog and really smart and easy to train. A Boston Terrier. They love kids.

They are also one of the very few all American bred Dogs. Meaning they were actually originally started right here in America

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Go to
enter your zip code and poof!
you will have many lovable dogs that need adopting.
You will be able to select on that meets your needs, is house trained, good with kids, already neutered, etc.
Jack russell are wonderful but very hyper.
I bet a mixed breed would be perfect for your family. picke the two breeds that you like best and enter one into the breed section of petfinder and a list of mixes will arrive.
Good luck!

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I'd get something like a Spitz or Jack Russell. Beagles can be quite loud, and cockers are high maintenance(with grooming and ear problems).

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