Condoms for Middle Schoolers.

At a local middle school in our area they are planning on giving out free condoms to the boys and girls of that school.

All parents and teachers are going to vote on this proposition..sometime in the next 2 weeks, to see if this is actually going to happen and if the parents and teachers think it’s a good idea.

What do ya’ll think? Do you think it should be done, or do you think that the middle school should not be handing out condoms?

Answer #1

No. It is ridiculous. If they tell the kids, they want to have sex!

Answer #2

yes, it needs to be done. they need to do that at our high school!

Answer #3

No - sending the wrong message at that early age - predictable: Wow ! let’s try it out !!

Answer #4

I still find it gross that kids who havent even gone thru puberty are having sex

Answer #5

No. It is ridiculous. If they tell the kids, they want to have sex!

Answer #6

Middle school is that like 11-14? If so then I think this option should possibly be available but the school should not promote it. The school should make sure they do not to glorify sex but say the precautions are there if need be.

As I’m sure you are aware there are many confused teenagers similar age on this site getting pregnant and not understanding sex; therefore this may help pregnancy and birth rates.

Answer #7

just because you lead a horse to water, doesn’t mean you can make him drink. the same goes with having condoms available at school. just because condoms are there doesn’t mean students are going to have sex. if a student is going to have sex, then they’re going to have sex. I think that school health centers should have a basket or something of condoms readily and anonymously available to students. teens have enough pressure from their friends and family on other subjects, allowing students to make the decision to practice safe sex shows greater maturity then some people may realize, and they don’t need the pressure or feeling of guilt that they’re doing something wrong. some people may believe it is wrong to condone student having sex, but they’re going to do it regardless, and this is just one way the school can help them make the right decision. granted some of these students who are just starting in middle school don’t know what sex or condoms are, but it’s a pretty good chance that they will know by the end of the year. and there are others who know what sex is in 3rd grade. by providing condoms, schools cut down on the prevalence of STDs floating around the school and unwanted pregnancies.

in short, condoms don’t make students want to have sex, it just protects them from getting pregnant or getting an STD… oh, and not all students have sex.

Answer #8

The kids who are going to have sex are going to have sex. The ones that arent, well they arent. With or without the codoms… “Just say no” has been proven to be ineffective… perhaps trying something else might be helpful… Sure I dont like kids being given condoms. But I dont like 13 year olds having sex either. Since this isnt a perfect world, and denial is obviously doing no good, maybe this will help…

Answer #9

I think that they should pass out condoms. im only 13 and I think that our school should do that. I think that its a great idea. cause if they do it then I think that they should have at least some protection. tooo many kids our age are having sex and most of them dont use protection. so if I was a parent at your skewl I would vote yes

Answer #10

mostly yes I agree with it if there around 15ish then yes its a good idea but you cant give a kid a condom and not tell them how to use it the main reason why kids get pregnant is because of the lack of sex education so if there going to be handing them condoms, they need to educate them more on sex, and how to use a condom and what things make them less effective

Answer #11

No I don’t think it should happen at the school, because it could be a conflict of intrest. you will have parents saying that my child never thought about having sex until these condoms were given out. I think they should leave school to education of learning and Leave the Plan parent hoods and clinics for Sex issues and free condoms. this way no parent could try and point the finger at the school. And I still believe you are resposiable for you own actions, if you are going to choose to do a adult act then you need to act like one. I am sorry that you got pregnant at 14 Fau, but that is not the schools fault at ALL.

Answer #12

Yes it is- most are way too young to understand but to me that’s the point exactly. They are going to do it with or without the school giving out condoms. To me it’s better that the option of proper protection is there. That along with sufficient sex education (not what you get now- a day, or even a few hours throughout your whole school life) should help.

Answer #13

yes and no. yes because if you are going to do it,its better do be kinda protected no because that might make some people want to do it even more. but I think yes it is a goood idea more than no

Answer #14

I’m with beth_liveyour live 100% on this one - The condoms should be available for the students but it seems like they’re more like ‘promoting’ it by doing it this way.

Answer #15

No…it’s not the school’s business to be handing out condoms…

Frankly I think you’ll see a rise in water ballooning, that a decrease in pregnancy…


Answer #16

I agree with ty,

Kids that age are having sex and promoting safe sex is better than not doing anything about it. But I also think together with giving out the condoms, they should actually make a point to educate the kids about how sex works and all the ins and outs of birth control and pregnancy.

Answer #17

I think it’s a good idea. Too many kids these days are having sex at a young age. I know a few girls that were peer pressured into giving up their virginity; “you don’t want to be the only girl in high school who’s still a virgin, do you?” I think it’s disgusting, but I think if they’re going to do it, they should do it safe.

Answer #18

is middle school like years 7-9? So basically they are 11-14… which yep, I think they should, its a good idea. Its making sure if they are thinking about having sex (which c’mon, obviously they are), they should do it safely. plus some people are too embarrased to buy condoms themselves…

Answer #19

Well, in our school they were trying to promote ‘no sex before marriage’ , and we were about 14 at the time- nobody cared, and likewise if they had have handed out free condoms no one would have taken it seriously either. People would have been blowing them up and popping them (already happended on a few occasions), and throwing them at eachother. I think that if people come forward serioulsy and ask, then they should be given one, but what about the kids who are saving thmeselves? It’s embarrassing for them to bring thme home in their bags, epecially if their parents see.

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