Do you have to be a certain age to buy condoms?

Do you have to be a certain age to buy condoms? I'm just curious.

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sex is the $hit have it every night it is so f en good omg but use a condom mostly a flavored and I like magnums because my coc is huge!!! be saff and love sexxx dont listen to the peoplewho think its bad thats just because they aint doin it right reping it in the co yo

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no you can actually be any age to buy them lmfao but do be advised you will get nervous lmfao I don't know why but I did lmfaoo and it wasnt even for me^_^

Where can I buy condoms?

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Saving sex for a faithful committed marriage is the best way to go. If you're gonna have sex now, you'd better realize that guys will hit it and quit it! 1 in 4 sexually active teens will catch an STD this year!!! You can make any choice you want, but you must understand you will LIVE with every choice you make... good or dumb and dumbererrr!!!

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so if yer 16 then you dont need parent consent

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I need to buy a gift that starts with Y

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U deff. Do not have ta b I lost my virginity at 11 and me and my boyfriend bought condoms thn!

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What? You shouldn't say that on here, it's kind of offensive! No...

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No, you can get them anywhere, and at any age.


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what's the offensive question rewolf71?

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im 11 years old and I had sex last was nice buy condoms they can not stop you in pa there is not law so go for it it is nice

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No, but if you are under 16 (legal consentual age in most states) the cashier will give you hell. Sex is like drugs, addicting .Wait till you can afford it. But, if its already too late, then I am proud you are being responsible and getting some protection. You can mail order out of the back of 'certain' magazines in bulk. If you don't use them, it is fun to embarrass your friends with them. I would rather you ask the offensive question than go on not knowing and get hurt or do something lame.

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no way. Im sure ultimately its their perogitive whether they wish to sell you the rubbers or not ( right to refuse service) but at the same time if you are sexually active what responsible store clerk wouldnt sell them to you. just put up the argument that you are active and just want to protect yourself. If they dont sell it to you then go somewhere else. then come back next day and say that your chick is prego and you got the clap "thanx a lot a-hole"

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This really does help me because me and my girlfriend are thinking about having sex for the first time and I REALLY want it to be safe. She agrees but we have no way to get condoms me being 15 and her bieng 14. I know poeple are gunna say we shouldnt be having sex, and we arent, we're just thinking about it but we want to be safe just in case.

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nope. but I can get em for free in school, and maybe if you have a school health center you can get em there too.

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nope t I and y you r

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No, there is no legal age to buy a condom.

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no im preety sure theres no legal age

but you shouldnt be having sex be for youre about 16

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anyone can get any type of birth control neccesities no matter whhat age you are because of childrens rights .. they rather you be safe . im 14 and i have birth control pills and i get it from my school nurse

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lmfaoooo .. smh thou ! Badd Influencee !

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There is no legal age to buy condoms. Anyone at any age can buy a box of condoms. Adults would rather you be safe if you are going to have sex before you are an adult.

Condoms can be bought at just about any store. Best places to buy them would be:

* Convenient stores, such as 7 Eleven or Shell or BP
* Drug stores, such as CVS or Rite Aid
* Grocery stores

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