Why does my computer have the wrong date?

(It reads: Saturday, February 20th, 2011 when it should be Sunday)? How can I change/fix it?

Answer #1

click the time and select change date and time settings then change date and time.

Answer #2

Yeah thats the thing, I have done this over and over and it doesn’t work for some reason. (Sorry I forgot to mentioin that) It’s like, the calendar on the computer is wrong. It’s a day off, the number is correct (the 20th) but somehow the day is wrong. Thanks for your answer though.

Answer #3

what OS? maybe there is an online fix somewhere since its not really possible for a normal user to mess up something like this….

an idea would be to use the internet time updater, Windows has so called “servers” where the time can be synced….

Answer #4

do what informer said: click teh time, change date and settings, internet time, change settings, update now.

if this fails……

as the pc is booting press delete, infact press it untill your in teh bios.

whats the date say in there?

do not change anything yet.

Answer #5

damn i forgot the bios….

actually you might need to update that O_o this needs to be done by someone with a bit of experience since it could get messy (for non tech savvy ppl ofc)

theoretically the date will be the same (showing saturday), either the motherboard is old (before 2003) or the shop that sold you the PC needs some new technicians :)

Answer #6

Ok I pressed update, but it said, “An error occurred while Windows was synchronizing with time.windows.com” I’m not really tech savvy, so I don’t know what you two are talking about really haha :). I dont know what you mean when you say “when the pc is booting.” Sorry, I”m not really technical.

Answer #7

O_o here’s a shot in the dark…. do you have a functioning anti virus? and if yes, is it either one of these: Kaspersky Avast! Nod32

if the answer is no (to the anti virus list), then you probably have been infected by some kind of malicious software (since every other anti virus software is crap), there are worms (type of virus) that change a users date and stuff like that….

is your PC running slower than usual and making a lot of noise even when idle or no programs have been opened?

Answer #8

ok forget teh bios for the minute… go back to your update now button but select a different server then update again.

just try them all and see if 1 of them sorts it out and if it does stay with that 1.

Answer #9

Well, there were 5 different servers and none of them changed. Ugh, how annoying. The reason it bothers me is because I’m wondering if it is contributing to messing up my itunes. (Thats why I asked the question before this one) Thank you for trying to help me though.

Answer #10

it could well be… when my time went funny my avg stopped working tellling me my subscription had ended, it hadnt but it told me it did. my fix was a new motherboard battery cus the whole date, day, month and year was stuffed.

ok i need to know what the bios says the date is…..

turn the pc on and keep pressing the delete key untill a [normally white and blue but sometimes a touch of red] screen appears.

right now your in the bios and if the date and time are not shown straight away youll have a look for something on screen that says date and time or something like that anyway.

use your arrow keys to get to it and press enter.

if its wrong, change it and leave, back in windows and has it now fixed it?

if it hasnt the only other fix that i know of is to buy a new motherboard battery or search for some more time servers on line that are close to your town/city or in your state.

dont touch anything else in teh bios except the date and time.

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