Computer virus - it will not be removed, help

I have a virus/trojan/keylogger/whatever on my computer. it is giving me very limited internet access. when I use google, the page takes at least 5 minutes to load (I suspect that the page is being scanned for means to remove the virus by the virus itself - as paranoid as that sounds I’m fairly sure I’m right). when google does load and I want to go to that page, it will open up a new tab and from there go to ssome completely random website.

Through research (5 long continuous hours of it…sigh…) I have discovered that the spyware on my computer (coincidentally named spyware.ispynow) is a keylogger. this is both good and bad. I have identified the problem, being the good news, but the bad news is apparently they are ridiculously stupid hard to get rid of.

Basically, this is what’s happening: Every 15 minutes I get a windows security center alert (the alert contains no grammatical or spelling errors, and looks exactly like a normal, real windows alert would) telling me I have spyware.ispynow on my computer. it tells me what it is and what it does, and tells me that if I want to remove it, I should “enable protection”. there are three selectable options…however, 2 of them are grayed out and not selectable…keep blocking (not selectable) unblock (not selectable) and enable protection (selectable).

When you click enable protection, it takes you to some fake anti-virus/spyware crap called “perfect defender 2009”, saying if I want to remove the virus I need to buy it.

Also, whenever I open any browser (mozilla or ie) it warns me, again, that the virus is still there and I can either click the option to ignore it or go back to the website with perfect defender 2009 to buy it.

I have tried downloading avast! Anti-virus. I have ran a 3 hour scan and removed eight things, none of which were the keylogger..

Malewarebyte’s anti-malware will not load. I thought maybe the virus recognized the name and blocked it, so I changed the file and application name, and nothing happened.

I can’t visit any website that deals with virus removal minus a few here and there…the way to get around the google thing is if I hit “cached”, which highlights the words, somehow it gets around the problem..I don’t know how. maybe because by hitting cached I’m still technically on google or something?

I really don’t know what I can do besides remove everything on my computer and starting fresh, which is starting to be a very good possibility. I have a lot of files/folders/personal things on my computer, however, that I don’t want to lose.

Does anyone know of any way I can get this dealt with? money is, however, an issue, as I am on an extremely tight budget.

My life revolves around my computer, ranging anywhere from school purposes to email to keeping in touch with friends via aim, all of which are passworded.

I need drastic help - does anyone know how I can get rid of this?

Answer #1

Partitioning a disk enables you to ‘split’ the hard drive into ‘two seperate drives’. There are various programmes out there which are free to do this. It was just an idea so you could save all your data that you dont want to lose, then install the operating system on the ‘other drive’. Good luck

Answer #2

I’ve tried, but I haven’t found any real solution. So here I am on FunAdvice, asking away, hoping there’s a technological genius who specializes in computer who just happens to be in a good mood.

Answer #3

Hmm nothing on that list seems suspicious, unless one of the processes is infected. May I ask, do you know anything about partitioning Disks?

Answer #4

Time to formaaat.

(well that’s what there is to do when can’t get rid of a virus)

Avast antivirus is not very good, maybe try AVG. and lots of people say Spybot is really bad and it’s just like a spyware.

Answer #5

No idea what that is…I’ve never even heard of it :/ Sorry.

Answer #6

I did what you said, and I’m looking at the startup tab via MSCONFIG…but all of this junk looks unfamiliar and dodgy lol.

If I typed the list in here, could you help me to identify what may be the problem?

Answer #7

I had something similar. What it was was a piece of spyware that said I had subscribed to some porn site and that I had to pay £35 or I would recieve a call from the debt collectors, which I could not quit from for 10 minutes. At first I was terrified, but I did some research on my dads computer and found that it was some fake company. I also found out that I had to remove the files manually. Why not try looking for a solution on another computer. I also presume that you have access to another computer. Ill have a look at the list and see what it could possibly be

Answer #8

hmmm sounds like a tricky stubborn lil thing all right.

I personally use Avast Antivirus. Free and I find it to be better than AVG. I have had no problems with it.

Maybe also try downloading a spyware removal tool. Such as Ad-Aware or Spybot: Search and Destroy. I use the latter.

Obviously it is starting up with the computer, try going into START and RUN, and type MSCONFIG. Open it up, go to the startup tab and remove anything that looks dodgy, then restart computer and see. It wont get rid of the keylogger but it will stop it from running (hopefully) but beware some of them add themselves back on the list.

Answer #9

Sorry to jump in lol, but yes I think the list would be helpful :)

Answer #10

remember that one celebrated case a trojan horse stopped and removed the virus remember now

Answer #11

For right now I’ll just give you the “Startup Item”, because I don’t think you’d need the rest of the information…plus it’d take me an entire day to type it X_X

jusched IntelMEM CTSysVol Rundll32 P17 UpdReg DVDLauncher ISUSPM issch DMXLauncher dlccmon MotiveSB igfxtray hkcmd igfxpers tfswctrl Communications_H… (the rest is cut off and I can’t figure out how to view it( Quickcam iTunesHelper Reader_sl QTTask ashDisp ctfmon

                                       -  The blank space is here for a reason.  There's a box with a check next to it...and for the Startup Item, it's a blank space...

YAHOOM~1 MsnMsgr veohwebplayer AdobeUpdater svchost runhh6110411 America Online 9.0 … Logitech Desktop Manager Microsoft Office QuickBooks Update…

That’s the end of the list. Everything I typed, I typed just as I saw it in MSCONFIG’s Startup tab.

and by the way, thank you. Both of you.

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