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I’m having problems with my computer monitor. Whenever I close the monitor then turn it back on, it flickers to my screen then goes black. Just recently I noticed that it hasn’t gone completely to a black screen, I looked closely and realized that my programs and everything was still up, it was just that the screen was really really dark. So I once again close the monitor again and wait a few seconds and turn it back on, but it does the same thing. I have to repeat the process for about 5-7 times before it goes back to normal. Does anyone else have this problem? It really bugs me! Does that mean I need a new monitor… it’s only about a year old. Help?!

Answer #1

Synn, IF it is a desktop monitor that you need to replace, I would ask around your friends (or your parents friends) if they have a nice monitor for cheap/free. A lot of people generate extras as they upgrade a system - e.g. I have 3 CRTs and an LCD, and only use 2. Good Luck!!

Answer #2

We’re kind of guessing here though because we don’t know if it’s a laptop or a desktop monitor…

Based on the description, this sounds like an LCD monitor, or a monitor on a laptop (when I close the monitor) is what makes me think it’s probably a laptop and therefore a lcd monitor. — This is the only type of monitor you can see the desktop faintly in the background when it’s on, but not bright enough to see any other way.

If that’s the case, the likely issue is the backlight.

If this IS a laptop — and it’s no longer covered under warranty — then — you’re almost screwed because a repair on a laptop monitor without warranty is the bulk of the cost for a new laptop! A new laptop can be had not for under $400 — the monitor on one repaired will cost that or more!!!

I say almost screwed, because most laptops have a monitor plug on the back, so one could be connected to that with no problems…

If it’s a desktop monitor — and it’s under warranty expect the repair to take upwards to 2 weeks or more depending on who made it. and you have to pay shipping both ways… If this is the case, monitors for desktops are really cheap these days, and that would make better sense in the long run.

So — we’re all kinda guessing — at least I am — is this a desktop or a laptop? Because that will make the difference in the answer as well as the solution, and obviously the cost if it’s a repair that’s needed.

Answer #3

I’m not fully understanding what your talking about. You just turn off the monitor(not the whole computer) and you can still see the desktop, but barely cause its so dark? When I first started reading this I was thinking it might be because .. if you leave your monitor on and dont have a screen saver or something that is constantly moving(depending on what type of screen you have) the image of your desktop .. or w/e is left open for a long period of time can get stuck… we’ll say “burned” into the screen. This can also happen with tv’s. But seeing as you said that you could do it 5-7 times then the image would finally go away… I have no idea. As for the flickering, my computer does that from time to time as well. It could be because a cord is loose. But yah, im not to sure.

I hope this helped a little… Take care, Paige.

Answer #4

It sounds like your monitor is failing. The first thing to do is to find if it is still under warranty. If so, then warranty can deal with it. If not, a new monitor is likely in order. Good luck!

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