Why does this stupid computer keep freezing up?

ERRR Why does this stupid computer keep freezing up!!!?

Answer #1

Your computer might need an anti Virus program or something. If it keeps freezing up on you, take it to the shop and see what they could do. Or, you could take it to Geek Squad. I wish I could give you more suggestions but, I can’t think of anything else. Good luck.

Answer #2

u prob. have a virus

Answer #3

And, if your hard drive is about to crash, that will cause issues as well. Run the defrag, delete useless stuff & clean it up, run some anti virus software like spybot, and install a firefwall.

Then once you tackled the software issues, you’ll have a better idea if it’s hardware related or not.

Answer #4

maybe because it’s cold…LOL!

Answer #5

well that is a trojan, or maybe even beater that is a backdoor trojan, one of these that I make!!!

haha buy a firewall, make a pass on your comp, and buy the best antiwirus…

and then you will going to be 50% protected!!!

good luck!!!

Answer #6

lol, some of these answers are great. I love how everone thinks “defrag” is a cure-all to computer problems.

Okay.. some of this is going to be repeated, but there are different factors aside from “defrag and clean it” that apply.

First off, how old is the computer? What size harddrive is in it, and how much of the capicity is taken? How much memory does the computer have, and at any given time how many processes are running on the computer? What is the %% CPU usage?

Yes, a Defrag and a Disk cleanup won’t hurt. Go into your windows search option and search for “.tmp” and delete everything that pops up, they are temporary windows files, they just take up space. Same thing with “.chk”.

go to google.com and search for memtest, once found allow it to run for a minimum of an hour (best to do this overnight if the computer will stay turned on without freezing.) This tests how well the memory in the computer is acting, and still at full capability.

If you don’t have an antivirus program on your computer, I suggest you get one immediately, If you can’t afford a program such as McAfee or Norton, then go to google.com, and search for AVG Anti-Virus. It’s free, and it’s incredibly affective. If you’re not impressed with AVG, go with it’s rival Avast! Anti-Virus. Both incredibly good, and both free.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way. Google search Ad-Aware, once started up, customize the scanning options, and check all the boxes, you want to force the program to scan everything there is on the computer. This will remove ad-ware, spyware, and some mal-ware (AVG also guards against Mal-Ware).

So, now we’ve got you virus free, and ad-ware free. Hard drive’s cleaned up, and the memory’s tested. Depending on what version of window’s you’re running, you should have either an aftermarket firewall running, or at least windows firewall. Both are sufficient. If you don’t like Windows firewall, Google search ZoneAlarm! Firewall, it’s a free firewall service, one of the highest rated free ones.

Now that all that’s covered, if the computer still continues to crash and freeze up on, sounds to me like it would be a software conflict. If you’ve installed anything recently, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to go ahead and remove these programs and try a re-install on them.

If it still continues after this, I would say you’re diving into some hardware failure, and should either begin to save money for replacement parts, or take it to a “shop” and allow them to diagnose it and find out cost of repair.

Probably wouldn’t hurt while your at it to check and make sure all your drivers are up to date. If you’re attached to a cable modem, and the drivers are outdated, it could be lagging on trying to stay connected to the internet, hence freezing the computer.

Hope this helps, good luck.

P.S. - I don’t know how computer “savvy” you are. If you need help FunMail me.

Answer #7

make sure if you have more than one memory stick, theyre running at the correct and same speed as each other..

Answer #8

Maybe a virus or your your hard disk is going, try defranging an do a disk cleanup.

Answer #9

do you ever defrage it, at all that can also be why it keeps freezing, you may have to many fragmented files, and that will slow it down, and freeze it also.

Answer #10


a lot more information is needed to advise correctly.

when does it hang up?

what activities trigger the freeze (if any)

BSOD? or just a flat freeze.

Windows crashlogs?

what version OS lol

lots and lots of info needed.

funmail if you need help

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