What colour vans should i get? (links)

So i want some summer shoes and sorta like vans.
i really want red vans but all my friends say they look desperate because some sluut in my class has em.. anyways i am not sure wat colour to get i want them to go with different clothes too but dont want black. These are the ones im currently considering




love tese ---> :(

or this top same price XD

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I have never heard of vans looking desperate before lol
If you like the red ones, get them, I think they would go with the most clothes... It might be hard getting the first pair to match a variety of clothes, but then again, I don't know what clothes you have lol.

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:) thanks!

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I like those blue vans the most actually, even though I think the red ones would go with more stuff... The Hawaiian shoes wouldn't go with much, because to me if you have patterns on your clothes and shoes it just doesn't go together, but that's just me. Plus for summer, bright is the style right now and the blue is the brightest.. But fall is coming up soon, so you gotta think about that too! If you like the red ones the best, then get them cause they're really nice. Who cares if someone else has the same pair?
Haha, I hope that made sense. In short, I'd say get the red ones.

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awesome :)

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I bought light blue tons like the cabs that you showed, the day after I bought them I realized how much they really don't match anything. :/ just go for red !

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*light blue toms like the vans

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or te Red Hawaiian me tinks

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i like the second and third ones, they look like something i would wear but i believe we have separate styles lol just get the red ones you like. i doubt people are going to look at your feel to determine if you are a smut

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feet :D

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I love the blue :P They would be totally awesome xD the red are also cool, I would never go for the tropical one's but who knows how you could wear them you have a very different style, but my fav are the blue :P

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The 3rd one loooks dope!!!

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I think the silver vans are nice. I also agree with Stephanie but I like the red shoes better but ash goes better.

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