What can be the color of my walls of my bed room when most of my furnitures are chocolate brown in color?

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i would go with a stand out (not neon though) yellow or a grassy green or u could do them a light purple

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Cream or maybe red and cream... i'd say most colours would match.

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Like an aqua color or redish,pinkish color?

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Like an aqua color, that would look perty, or a redish pinkish color?

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You could have tan walls but if your bored of plain colors and you want funky colors lime green would be one of the best :D

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the below wall colors will go fine with chocolate brown

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Since brown is a neutral, you could pretty much use any colour you wanted. Personally I like, blue, violet, lime green, teal or red with brown. Try purchasing some sample paint tins at the hardware store (they're fairly inexpensive) and paint some swatches on the wall. Make sure you look at the areas you've painted at different times of day so you can see how the light affects each colour. Purchase some co-ordinating accessories and you're all set.

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I agree. I think teal looks gorgeous with brown.

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