is college work like highschool?

does the instructor tell you waht to read or study when having an exam?

Answer #1

College is much more harder than high school, the work is WAY different. From what I know, they MIGHT let you take notes like in high school to study the night before the actual test so you are prepared.

College is NOTHING like high school. It’s a bigger challenge.

Answer #2

Not too sure about college… But University differs very much from high school. The instructors do generally tell you what to study, and may mention the exam, but the exam dates aren’t hard to find. But they don’t hold your hand. If you’re going to do that work, do it. Most offer help in their spare time, or via e-mail, but if you don’t get an assignment in, they don’t care, they will fail you.

Answer #3

its very different from school. Whether or not you will be told what to read and study for an exam depends on the lecturer. Some will tell you quite specifically, others will not. If they dont actually tell you, you can still pick up on what you are expected to remember though. You can find this out through looking at the course objectives, and also from what they place particular emphasis on. If they tell you repeatedly the posterior forearm is innverated by the radial nerve, chances are they will examine you on it. They will tell you what resources are helpful for the course, but whether or not you use them is up to you.

Answer #4

is it hard. do they give vocabulary words to member cuz i hate memorizing things..btw, what are u majoring n?

Answer #5

u planning on going to college or r u n college

Answer #6

they give alot of essay’s huh? like how long?

Answer #7

how many chapters would they give to read a day.

Answer #8

how many questions do they give on exam?

Answer #9

that depends on your course. I didnt have too many essays as an undergrad because I did a science degree, so I would usually only have 1000 word lab reports to do. Most science courses at my university have bigger external exams, which sucks. If you do humanities you get more essays (and your final exam is worth less) which range from about 1000 to maybe 4000 or so words. Post-grad is a different story though, I just completed an 8000 word literature review and I have a 12,000 word thesis due in November.

Answer #10

sorry i am a wreck i am starting college and i am so nervous!

Answer #11

questions also depends on your course and style of questions. My exams would only have about three questions, but they were essay answers. You may also get multiple choice questions or short, structured answer questions which you will get more of, maybe about 50 or so (not sure, like I said, mine were essay questions)

Answer #12

oh my O o..thats alot of words..pssh i can only do 500 the most lol..i am trying to get my AA degree for early childhood education

Answer #13

you will be fine! Just relax and make the most of the teaching facilities. Dont be afraid to ask for help from your lecturers if you need it. You pay them alot of money after all!

Answer #14

I’m going for Anthropology-Archeology myself. Some of my courses were given vocabulary words, they do give you the information you need to study. How much you read will depend on what courses you’re taking, English will of course require more than others. Be warned- Essays are a b*tch.

Answer #15

its gets easier. Most people I know have more of a problem staying UNDER the word count!

Answer #16

lol..yeah i already know essays are the b word..r u going for ur Bachelor or associate? i dont know why i am exaggerating i am going for my associate and i feel like college wont care much and will fail and not pursue my career as a pre school teacher..

Answer #17

what word count? lol

Answer #18

yeah 15, 000 is alot to me i worked hard for it and they better help me since community college are about second chances. math brings me down since i cant even help my brother in 6th grade math makes me think how will i be able to do college math lol

Answer #19

Not sure yet, just taking the courses and making it up as I go =P

Answer #20

have u done ur general requirements or any prerequisites

Answer #21

Yes, the first year I did any requirements that I needed to get out of the way, and there were a couple prerequisite I did, not as well as I should have, but enough to get by.

Answer #22

It depends on the professor. Most will simply give you chapters you need to study. Some will provide study outlines which more specifically focus on the information you need to know. Every professor is different in the material they test, so the first test is always the hardest, because you dont know what to focus on. Given that most of the stuff is new, there is a lot of memorization, especially in the 101 courses (i.e. introduction courses). Since it is impossible to talk about a subject without learning the jargon, a lot of 101 classes will just have you learn words and histories. Once you get to the upper division courses you move past memorization and become more familiar with the subjects. At that point professors assume you have a rudimentary knowledge of the subject enough to apply it.

Answer #23

its quite easy………highschool….kindergarden work……….just listen to the teacher……

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