College Is wasting peoples time!

Why do I have to take math and art and history and English if I’m going to be a RN All they do is wipe a**. High paid baby sitters! Why do I have to goto college and take classes I don’t need and Not going to use in the line of work of being a RN?

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actually nurses do dosage calculations…I know this because I WENT to nursing school…so I kind of have first hand experience… Yes a nurse does not make medical decisions…however, when a doctor gives you an order, for a certain medication, injection or I.V drip the nurse is the one who has to do the calculation…not the md.

in reality, the doctor comes in and checks on the patient maybe once per day…to assess treatment and to write new orders…the NURSE is the one who carries all of those orders out…and provides all of the treatment…

and ichabanarcy is correct…the ones who are called “as* wipers” are CNA’s and even that is a little harsh to say because they do more then that…they are essential and they do get stuck with the grunt work..

Everyone realizes the frustration of college classes…not every class is going to be directly informational to what you need, but it is useful because it provides you with life skills. humanities and social sciences are not wasteful they are essential in learning how cultures and people in general operate and how to effectively communicate with them…and that my friend, is useful for ANY major.

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Ok I realize it is only 4 people who answered, but apparently you all don’t realize the frustration that college classes can be. I feel your pain. I have two more technical classes to go, then I have to take 3 humanities and 4 social sciences. So basically my last year of college will end up with no classes that I would ever directly use in my field of study. This happens to be because I received credit for prior technical schooling, but that is aside from the point. We all understand that college is supposed to provide a well rounded knowledge base, that doesn’t mean we want to take that classes.

I also feel that colleges add in unecessary classes in order to make some additional money. I don’t feel that this is right, but it’s going to happen anyway.

nl83 I higly doubt that hospitals would let an RN do dosing calculations, if so those calculations are not going to require higher level math. Nurses are very limited in what they can actually do without consent of a doctor. There is a reason for that. This is not saying that all that nurses do is wipe *ss, they just aren’t allowed to actually make many medical decisions if there is a doctor available.

Answer #3

All I was saying was that Danielc was just venting. California is not an easy place to live at these days, I can imagine the stress.

Nurses still do most of the work here as well, that does not mean that just do it. They are still instructed and supervised.

In the US there have been several institutions that have risen up because of their lack of requiring all of this additional knowledge. Granted Nursing isn’t one of them (at least at RN level), but several technical jobs really don’t need a person that has taken 1.5 years of classes outside of their field of study. They do require more knowledge than what you get from your high school though. You don’t get a 4 year degree, but you get the information you need to do the job that you want.

Ty is right it is a matter of perspective, but sometimes the classes you are required to take or the area of classes you are required to take and what is offerred by the university don’t sync up right and you are forced to take classes you either hate or don’t care about at all. This is probably what will end up happening with me. I don’t see much offerred by my college that is horribly interesting, but I need credits in that area. Will I do it? yes. Will I like doing it? No, not when I already have the knowledge to do my job/the job I want to do.

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are you serious… do you have any idea what actually goes into being a nurse??? they are anything but babysitters and as* wipers…

you need math because you are doing dosage calculations..and interchanges…if you mess up the could kill someone…so its pretty important to have a grasp on math..

not only that but you need Human Anatomy and Physiology I and II,Microbiology , Chemistry (inorganic and organic and biochemistry) ,English Composition I and II General Psychology, Sociology and on top of that you need to do clinical rotations learning about maternity, pedi, med surg. etc…

if you think that you dont need a lot of education to become a nurse you are out of your mind… you need college…AND student nursing experience…and then you will still need to take classes through out your career to keep your license active and current…

Answer #5

If this is the attitude you ‘re going to have while dealing with people under your care, then I suggest a career change…mechanic might suit you - you don’t have to be professional or kind to be a mechanic.

Answer #6

Because those classes give you some general knowledge and proper life skills.

For example, English is a subject where you will improve your reading and writing skills, which is used in ANY degree.

Answer #7

Lol, uhm you realize most of the people who answered have been to college or are taking courses? And what you’re talking about is a nursing assistant… those may be glorified baby sitters, they get all the grunt work… and no class you ever take is useless… you learn things that come in handy in all sorts of ways… but, you can either look at them as an opportunity to learn, or you can whine and just get through them… either way you have to do them, one way will be a lot more pleasant than the other way, but I guess it boils down to you…

Answer #8

~apparently you all don’t realize the frustration that college classes can be~

Are you saying none of us have been to college? Seriously? I think we know full well how tough college can be…oh yes, I’ve been there a few times - I’ve taken Forensics, Culinary, Pastry Chef, and as we speak I’m doing Accounting…so don’t tell me I don’t ‘realize’ anything.

Whining about what you have to do isn’t going to make it better - just do it.

For the record, my mother is an RN and she DOES do dosages…we have very few doctors, and the nurses do most of the work here.

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