What are things I could collect from my travels?

Like small inexpensive things preferably. And things that would be easy to find anywhere?

Answer #1

plants; leafs or flowers :D press them in a book

Answer #2

Magnets, mini snow globes, pens, hats, shirts.

Answer #3

key chains, shirts Hats If you own a camera take pictures of the scapes or anything that catches your eye, Plushies with the name of the place on them c; Like a bear for example, having the initials printed on their foot or anywhere. Pens,

Answer #4

stamps (: or post cards

Answer #5

I like to get those penny things, you know how you put the penny and two quarters in a machine to stamp the penny and its all flat. I dont know what its called. But i think its cool and it’s easy to collect a bunch becuause their so small

Answer #6

Is like a machine and you crank it after you put a penny in, and then it comes out oval and a little flat, with the place and name printed upon it? I was thinking about this when I read it…not sure if I’m right..

Answer #7

license plates, or do not disturb signs from hotels in a bunch of different languages… or a lot of signs that say the same things in different languages

Answer #8

postcards and stamps

Answer #9

my sister collects shotglasses from everywhere

Answer #10

Postcards for sure & shotglasses.. doesn’t mean you have to drink to get them I don’t, just a lot of them have cool designs.

Answer #11

It depends on where you’re traveling to. Like if you’re traveling somewhere that has a beach you could collect shells. And even taking pictures are great memorabilias to have when traveling to new places(:

Answer #12

It depends on where you travel, and you can collect a number of antique stuffs if you visit Xi’an (http://funadvice.com/r/budijluqacn )of China, including paper-cuttings, clay figures and embroideries.

Answer #13

It depends where you are going to travel. If you travel to Shanghai (http://funadvice.com/r/168r8b5cikk) of China, you are advised to buy the local souvenirs such as paper-cuttings and silk products as well as the local specialties.

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