Collage this year business retail administration help.

Okay this is what id be Learning When I Go..
Introduction to Customer Service
Personal Effectiveness
Introduction to Administration
, Social Responsibility at Work
Introduction to Retail,
Communicating Effectively at Work.
I was wondering, what can I do to get a Head Start on This course??
Im one Of These Really Dumb People who Are Quite Thick :|
I've always Wanted to be a manager of a Store. so this was the course for me to take at collage..
Please can someone Give me Some Tips.. on What all Them Listed Things Above Mean,?..
and How Can I Look up What I Revoles.?
and how can I start learning about it now? like looking stuf up on the internet? but what should I look up?:S

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Go to a college and ask them.

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Nooo... Becausee, Ill be learning it all in Collage when I go in September, I just want to get a head Start on it All soo.. im like Really brainey.. I've Always been one of these thicks People who never puuts there hands up in class, and when the Teacher asks, I never no thee answer im like err dno. and I dont want to be like that in collage. I want to be different

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