Does it get cold in Australia during fall and winter?

i am writing, or should i say re-writing a story. And it would help alot if i knew a bit more about Australia. I picked it because it is a place me and my frined would love to go to (i am writing it for her), but i don’t know so much about it. and it would help the story if i did know more about it. So not only that question, but if you know anything else about it, can you let me know so i can make it a good story. Please and thank you!

Answer #1

Yes it does, but more so in the southern areas of the continent (where it is nearer to the South Pole).

The following Wikipedia link:

includes tables for a number of locations within Australia, showing typical maximum and minimum temperatures for each month of the year.

Note that in the southern hemisphere, their winter occurs at the same time as summer in the Northern hemisphere,

At the moment it is the middle of summer in Australia.

Best wishes - Majikthise.

Answer #2

i live in Australia and i can tell u it does sometimes… but alot of the time it only gets down into the 20’s and even then people still go to the beach and all sorts :)

Answer #3

It depends where in Australia you are. Some parts don’t get very cold at all, and other parts have some of the most horrific thunderstorms in the world.

Answer #4

what part do you live in? And beaches! GOOD :P um, right now, for you it is summer, i guess you would say? and there are Unaversities and collages there correct? sorry about the questions, it just those are the tings i need to know for my story

Answer #5

As Renee said, it really depends on which part of Australia….. Most of the states in Australia have 4 seasons, spring, summer, autumn and winter. I googled a map of Australia for you so you have an idea which state/s I am talking about. Northern Territory and Queensland are pretty much humid or mild 365 days of the year. South Australia, Victoria, Western Australia, New South Wales, Capital Territory of Australia and Tasmania, all these states and one territory have four seasons….By the way, we don’t really have horrific thunderstorms, it is really the luck of the draw that Queensland and other parts are on the receiving end of the bad weather. It doesn’t happen all the time. Western Australia had a hail-storm in like almost 20 years plus in it’s history, last year in March 2009 the unexpected thunderstorm damaged heaps of cars and now Victoria and New South Wales are experiencing floods and thunderstorm, it not like it happens very year just to debunk the comment above.

Answer #6

Sorry forgot the map from Google.

Answer #7

Ok third time luck…Uploading the Map of Australia.

Answer #8

Ok third time lucky…Uploading the Map of Australia.

Answer #9

for your story have you thought about the different animals they have or driving on the opposite side of the road and different cars then the states. or how words are different but they still speak english? like mate=friend, soda=pop, mum=mom, arvo=afternoon, nan=grandma, OZ=australia. just a few slang words i have picked up from my family that lives there. It’s an awesome place!

Answer #10

never ever considered that. MAN this takes alot lol. and I dont live in the states, but its the same side of the road at them so. sigh

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