how can i get over my clown phobia?

Answer #1

Cant unless you face your fears of them…I have one too, Thanks to the messed up movie called “IT”!

Hate clowns, all clowns hv this creepy sick twisted evil look in their eyes…like they are gonna get you. Mean ol things! :P

Answer #2

Have sex with one. I JOKE! Like, try this Exposure won’t work, or it will but it has to be intense to work. And dr.ugs won’t work either. I think the link ^ and/or hypnotism is your best bet :)

Answer #3

A method sometimes used is ‘flooding’. Essentially, you’re constantly exposed to an image of the clown. You see the clown over-and-over and see that no harm comes to you. The idea is to get you to seer that the fear is irrational, which is the very definition of the phobia.

Answer #4

Not all phobias are irrational. Arachnophobia is perfectly rational!! Anatidaephobia on the other hand, is not. ahah

Answer #5

Exposure won’t work? I suppose you’ve got research or some sort of expertise in the mental health field to back you up? Because most research backs up exposure for phobias. As for NLP, it is highly controversial and is not evidence based. Before advocating therapies that aren’t actually recommended by those in the field, I would do my research.

Answer #6

True, but the fear itself is generally irrational. The lengths that people will go to avoid what is frightening them can get pretty extreme. In reality, the chance of dying from a spider bite is less than the chance of being killed by a shark :/

Answer #7

Ohhhkay. Well usually I do I’m just very sleepy so whatevs. I said exposure works if it’s intense - do you read? By intense I mean regular exposure and it’s going to be hard. I’ve sort of gone through this - I used to have a phobia of people touching my nose. People used to touch it like daily to watch me freak out. But over a few years of this I’ve slowly stopped freaking out as much. I hated every minute of it and I’m not fully over it. I’m speaking from experience and I don’t know of anyone that’s gotten fully over a phobia through exposure. Hypnotism works. And I never heard of NLP before, I just through it in ‘cause maybe it works. WHATEVERRR.

Answer #8

A phobia by definition is an irrational excessive fear. Not all fears are irrational, but all phobias are irrational. I honestly think you need to do a little more reading before discussing mental health issues.

Answer #9

face it

Answer #10

though it sounds simple enough it will take some time & courage. So don’t hound on yourself if you can’t get over it right away. It will take time.

Answer #11

I suppose attempting to have a mature discussion would be too much to ask. I can read. Back tracking doesn’t help your case. Exposure does not have to be ‘intense’ to work. You obviously weren’t in the care of mental health professional (or in the care of one who was poorly trained), and thus your phobia is still around. Whether you personally know of someone who has been helped by exposure is besides the point. Researchers look at thousands of people with phobias. Your daily contact is not comparable I’m afraid. As for hypnotism, it is also controversial and not entirely evidence based. You cannot proclaim something to work just because you feel like it. Experts in the field dont agree with you.

Answer #12

I’m not sure which one of us you’re responding to…

Answer #13

i think “ IT “ screwed everyone up about clowns haha because i hate clowns too haha

Answer #14

Me I reckon ;D Lol okay, well starting a fight over something is silly like this is just SILLAY. AND ARE YOU THE SILLAY POLICEEEE?? NO. Yay you know more than me about phobias. You’re clearly a better person than me. I bow down to your greatnes.

Answer #15


Answer #16

LMFAO…i seriously had no issues til i saw that damn movie at some point in time years ago!!! Ever since I swear…I see a clown or any movie with clowns in them…& I get freaken spooked out my mind! I was watching “the Hole 3d 2010 movie for kids no less! & there had a few scenes with a clown…omg, I literally jumped…my tummy was in knots & felt sick…actually started breathing heavier…yeah me & clowns..a definite no no!!!! :P

Answer #17

i freak out,run and cry.

Answer #18

yeah right haha. that movie screwed alot of people up haha. we actually were just talking about phobias in my human disease class the other day. and someone say the exact thing. about the clown phobia and that movie haha.

Answer #19

I know…its crz the way the mind works & how it stores data in the reactive mind…causing us to have these fears & all the negative things. Wouldnt it be so awesome to just tap into that part of our brain & be like “yo u wanna mess with me…let me just pull you right outta there…now who’s boss?!” lmfao…i really need sm sleep i am talking crzy at the moment…this is me signing off!

peace & love…

Answer #20

haha yeah right. haha though i did find out a phobia that is funny yet saddening that day we had a discussion about phobias. and it was another movie too but its not about clowns so i won’t say it but its funny, lets just say its about a guy and something about a girl that the guy is deathly afraid of haha

Answer #21

I’m not a fan of exposure therapy. I think it creates an intense amount of anxiety. I am a fan, however, of EFT. Emotional Freedom Technique is based on acupuncture meridian points. Basically the flow of energy in your body is disrupted or blocked or flowing the wrong way. This contributes to a lot of issues, including phobias. I use it. I teach my clients to use it. My son uses it. It’s amazing. You can read about it here: [link removed].

Answer #22

lol, sounds intriguing…i would love to hear about it…on here or just funmail me…:)

Answer #23

haha well it was funny, in my class we were talking about phobias. well this one kid, was saying about his one friend has a bad phobia. apparently when his friend was younger(he is in his 20s i assume) the kid who has the phobia saw a movie, i think the movie was called “teeth.” i never heard of it, anyways the movie is suppose to be about teeth, just not in your mouth. apparently they had a v@gina that had teeth, and bit things haha. well the kid(who has the phobia) saw this movie, back then, and from that day forward the kid was deathly scared of v@ginas. and the kid is a guy. lol so he has a phobia of v@ginas. i thought this was funny, i never heard of someone having a phobia of like that. then my teacher goes to the student who is telling us about his friend, my teacher says, “well is he gay?” the student “yes, he is gay now” my teacher “did the movie make him go gay or was he gay before that, the student “i have no idea” lmao. then everyone thought it was funny, then we were joking in class saying that it would be an excuse for a guy to get with a girl. because to get over your phobia you have to face your fear, and my teacher was joking about that a guy might just say that to pick up girls haha. it was funny.

Answer #24

lol, sounds funny…def a first time for me hearing as a pick up line to get to see a girls v@g….just pic it…you go to a bar, this girl smiles u smile back…casual convo then you say so i was at my therpaist’s this week & he/she said that in order for me to get over my phobia I had to come face to face with it…and she says wow, what is it…and you say well i would tell you but you would call me a perv when in reality its true…and she would smile & say come on what is it…you can tell me…and you say but you have to promise that you wont laugh…and she laughing and answers ok…then you tell her…and she:A: lhfao(meaning laughs her f*n ass off) B: Says “I can try to help…my place or yours?” C: slaps you & calls you a perv anyways… Now that would be hilarious! I would capture that whole scenario on a hidden cam just to see what she would say & how she would react to that…lmfao.. I dont know where I come up with this sh!t…but it makes me lol. :P

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