Does a clitorus piercing hurt?

I was thinkin bout gettin my clitoris pierced but I want to no if it hurts to have it done and stuff?? I think my boyfriend wud like it lol

Answer #1

Just imagine, you take THE MOST sensitive part of your anatomy… and… IMPALE IT ON A METAL SPIKE!

Mmmm… fun…

Oh, and there’s also the possibility of permanent nerve damage (a.k.a. sex will no longer feel tha same).

You need to re-evalutate your reasons for doing this.

Answer #2

OMG, I think getting your clitorus pierced would be agony !! They are very very sensitive, just the thought of it makes me shudder !!

Answer #3

I had my clit pierced (among with my other 25 piercings!) and personally, I wish I had never had it done. I would stick to the hood being pierced (that was not painfull at all - and didn’t affect me sexually at all) however, the clit being done did. aside from the fact that I couldn’t stand the pain for more than a week, and I had to get it removed (by the guy who did it for me, fyi - the best piercer in sussex!) I know it looks fab, some women can get away with it, some can’t, it was the first piercing I had ever had that caused me pain to the point of removing it. it’s been a while since you posted his message, I don’t know if you have ever had it done, but the advice on here will serve someone else I’m sure. so no, it’s a personal choice, as anything that one does is, but I would not have it done ever again, and the scarring it can cause to the nerves (in the incredibly sensitive clit) is irreprable. so, to you, and all others than are thinking of having it done, just think, that clits got to last you for life!

Answer #4

I think you may want to reconsider. Getting your clitoris pierced is pretty serious. (you have all the amount of nerve endings of a penis packed into that one little nub!)

Most women posses a clitoris that is too small to withstand a piercing. Of those who are large enough, most women have hood tissue that fits too tightly or heavily over the clitoris. The clitoris in question must be large and easily exposed to be safe to pierce and to heal.

This is a very rare piercing, and it is serious business. It should be attempted only by a highly experienced master. The vast majority of women who request them actually want a clitoral hood piercing. Of the women who request an actual clitoris piercing, and know what they are asking, approximately 90-95% are not suitably built. Absoulutely vital in clitoris piercing is to pierce only women with the ideal anatomy. This is not an area to take chances.

Vertical Clitoral Hood Piercing The VCH is the most popular female genital piercing performed, for several reasons. As the name implies, the piercing is placed vertically, and women’s genitals are built vertically. This means the jewelry situates comfortably between the legs and is not subject to much stress.

Further, most women are built with some amount of hood tissue in which the jewelry can be placed for a safe, comfortable, attractive, and stimulating piercing. The piercing goes through only a thin bit of tissue above the clitoris (not through it) but the jewelry itself touches the clitoris. That means when there is any action in the area , the clitoris will receive more direct stimulation. Most women like this a lot.

This is a very quick healing piercing. Many women swear it heals in a week or even less. But to be on the safe side, you should care for it according to the instructions for four (4) weeks minimum.

To understand all of this, you should understand you’re own female anatomy,

And here is a site with more info on female genital piercing

Good luck

Answer #5

oh wow… faints


why would anyone want to… faints again

recovers again

geez…that is just…uhg…crazy…but then again im not judging anyone I just think it would… really really suck…specially with pms and all…

: /

Answer #6

I have a vertical hood piercing (the skin covering the clit), it’s a lot safer and cuter than the clit piercing. I thought about it a lot before I got it and went for it. it really didn’t hurt…a bad pinch but after that it was fine. it swelled up for a day, but I took care of it and have had it for 10 months with no problems. I love it! ((and so does my boyfriend))

Answer #7

I have had mine for over a year… And I don’t mind it. The pain however was the worst pain I have EVER felt, though it didn’t last long at all. I don’t regret it, I just know better if I ever think about doing something like that again. Do it for yourself, get it done by someone with A LOT of experiance, and sometimes its hard to work around it if you know what I mean, so experiment afterwards after it heals!

Answer #8

dont do it get your tounge done or something else and it is ment to hurt like hell go and search up videos on youtube or something x x

Answer #9

Don’t do it. I mean to be “cool”, go smoke, drink, and have unrestricted sex, but clit piercing is gross and not worth it.

I’m a guy, so I can’t support my argument for “not worth it”, but I hope you got my point.

Answer #10

I think that most of you don’t know what you are talking about (not including those who have them). I have a vertical clitoral hood piercing and it hurt less to get than having my ears pierced. it also healed in less than 2 weeks. sikashimmer is right, you probably want a hood piercing and not an actual clit piercing. that is a risky one. If you do get this done check out the piercer and make sure theyve done it plenty of times. the guy who did mine had been performing them for 15 years. if you do decide to good luck!

Answer #11

dont get that done. you run a 50/50 chance of losing all feeling because of the nerves there. If you are absolutely positive you want something “there”, ask for vertical hood piercing. Its basically where you get the hood of skin covering your clitoris pierced and it heals completely in 3 days and is painless

Answer #12

Clitiorious piercings are a no go. Not only it WILL hurt, it can damage you quite badly. Your boyfriend may like it, but it can numb any sensitivity for you.. therefore no brilliant orga*ms for you as often.. or easy! And as you will need to urinate, while it is healing over a period of a few weeks, it can cause infection. As bacteria from the urine can get into the wound as it heals. There are over 250,000 bacterias down there!!! And only 15 in your mouth!

If you want a drastic peircing.. go for something like your tongue!

Good Luck

Answer #13

my friend danielle got hers done the same time i got my tounge pierced… obviously by her face and how loud she screamed it hurt. but only for 1-3 days its your clit hun..its sensitive. i personally think it looks adorable. no im not gay. i feel a piercing is what you make it to be.. my friend danielle loves it. it hurts but she doesnt regret it. just make sure your really clean about it. and make sure you really think it over. hey. you can always take it out.

Answer #14

getting the actual clit pierced isn’t a good idea…as in the answer above. I got the vertical hood piercing and I personally love it it hurt …for honestly about a second (it hurt less than my nose getting pierced). it swelled for a day and then it was okay. I haven’t had any problem with it since.

Answer #15

personally I think that as much as you love your boyfriend you shouldn’t get a piercing just because he would like it., get it for youself and not someone else or you’ll regret it.

Answer #16

I got my clit pierced twice, it hurts but its def. worth it!

Answer #17

ewww isnt it like to small

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Answer #20

I have had mine done and I am pleased to say it doen’t hurt at all just a little pin prick

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