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I have finally decided to get a nose piercing to wear a tiny diamond stud. However, I work in a very professional environment and I am going to get the initial piercing with a clear retainer. Does anyone have any pictures of themselves with a clear retainer nose ring? I have not seen what this looks like and want to know if its still completely visible.

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as a body piercer I can tell you that you will have problems healing with a retainer. it may not even heal. and the whole will be big and wearing a small diamond will not be possible. but if thats whats you want then I hope you end up having goodluck with it.

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You should be fine with a retainer. Also the material it's made out of is much better for your peircing than metal. It will heal a lot easier and quicker than usual. It's keeps off infections also so you should have no trouble.
They are invisable and no one will notice.

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Thank you so much Editor. I was not able to find that anywhere. Some of them you cannot even see it, and I am pretty fair skinned.

Thanx again.

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A blog post I found about this retainer:

had this photo of her wearing it.

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I was told by a reputable piercer that I can get it with the retainer. This guy is very trusted in NYC and had great feedback from others.

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you can not wear a retainer until you piercing is healed. you also can not get pierced with one. if you switch your piercing to a retainer after getting it done your piercing will not heal.

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Never seen a actually ring retaintainer. I have seen them on people before and to be honest they are still visible. From a distance you can't see but if you were to be up close with a work mater or boss they WOULD see the retainer. Sorry to slash your dreams.

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don't know about the clear retainers, but maybe a pearl stud that matches your skin... it might just look like a mole.

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