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I download a ccleaner it says it would clear all my files and programs and after that I would have to install again another and new version of firefox. But I'm kinda worried if can I still access on the internet after I clean all my files including the old version of firefox? Please I really need help. I don't have any idea on how these things to fix up. I just need to fix this problem on my computer because it affects the speed.

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I read the review of CCleaner on a site that I HIGHLY respect:
and that site gives it high recommendations. So
Download the new version of FireFox (before you run CCleaner) and don't run it, burn it to disk so you have it for later. Access to the internet is usually done by your OS, and CCleaner shouldn't mess up that ability.
That being said, you are always supposed to have backups of your important files. If it has been a while (or never) now is a good time to do it. The simplest way is to have an external drive that you can copy everything to, and then unplug the external and proceed with the cleaning, secure in the knowledge that your data is backed up.
Do not copy things that you have original disks for - like games. But you can copy the games 'save' folder.

Finally, if you know a friend that is a bit of a computer geek, have him help you the first time.

Good Luck!!

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