How do I clean a sticky laptop keyboard?

( I’m stuck temporarily using my son’s laptop as we are having some internet problems at our new house and half the keys are horribly sticky. I have to push hard on them to get them to register. How do I get them to work properly? I assume it needs a good cleaning or something?)

Answer #1

We used baby wipes to clean ours since their moist enough but not so wet as to ruin the keyboard. Just turn the laptop off and wipe the keys and in between them with a babywipe. It will probley help to use a air cleaner can first to blow the dust out of the cracks…that could also be causing the keys to stick.

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I use baby wipes or like regular cleaning wipes (but those I wet with water first to dilute and then wrap a paper towel around to stop it from dripping). For in between the keys use a damp earbud (or twist the wipe around the head of the earbud).

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i first vacuum the top with the computer turned off.. using that circle bristle attachement.. then use a quitip with rubbing alcohol on it to clean the cracks and then a damp cloth to clean the top.. make sure the computer is turned off unplugged and the battery is removed

Answer #6

The best advice we told our clients is as follows:

  1. make sure the computer is off
  2. now get a pack of cotton balls and a bunch of q-tips(the things you clean your ears with for those that dont know what q-tips are)
  3. a bottle of rubbing alcohol.

take the cotton ball and wet it with some alcohol (not too much as if you were going to clean a cut on your arm) and simply get all the sticky substance off the board including the keys. Repeat that for a few times til you notice that the board & keys are no longer sticky.

Now use the q-tips to clean in between the keys so just in case there is anymore gunk sticking between the keys it will remove as much as possible. repeat this step til all is clean. (make sure you dont use that much pressure while trying to clean in between keys or else you might simply cause a key to pop out and that wouldnt be a smart idea)

make sure you have allowed the keyboard to dry for a few hours so that nothing will cause it any harm. once dry turn the comp on & hopefully it is clean back to normal or perhaps even better then before. If something might still be wrong, that simply may mean that some of the sticky substance leaked elsewhere & might need to be checked by a computer tech.

Best of luck to you hope this helped.

Answer #7

Part of what I would use to clean a keyboard depends upon what I believe is actually on the keyboard! Regarding the keys getting stuck, is there evidence of food or spilled soda underneath and between the keys? Also, just to know if what you’re touching is biologically-based, you can get one of the pet odor finders (or similar type device) - it’s actually a black light (aka: ultraviolet light). Bodily fluids and other biological material will be evident when viewed with the light. Also, is the mouse sticky as well?

If you have doubts, but don’t wish to find out, you can get a different USB-based keyboard and mouse to use instead. Some mothers might be astonished to view their teenager’s keyboard and/or mouse with an ultraviolet light.

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