How to get a clean-shaved vagina?

I shave down there, and it looks decent, but I can never get it completely smooth such as my legs. Are there any tips or tricks to get rid of the stubble? :/

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Wax..? Or try hair removal products. Just make sure you aren't allergic to them! You don't want that!

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What I do is i put a layer of foam on then shave it side ways left to right then i put shaving foam on again but go from right to left then i do the same but going up and down, down and up then diagonally etc then i put e45 cream on

Vagina shaving

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I understand what you mean! It's because genital area hair has the tendency to be in-grown, making it hard to get that smooth feel! NEVER use hair removal products!! - Those products aren't meant for genital hair removal, because the skin down there is much thinner and sensitive!! You'll only be looking for a rash or infection! What I do is shower the area with warm water to soften the hairs and open up the pores. I then pat dry and trim the hair short at first - so I'd avoid cuts and burns when shaving. After you've trimmed it as short as possible, wash the region again with warm water and shave it in all directions. After I'm done I rub on some NON SCENTED lotion. - You don't want any strong scented lotions or soaps around your vagina, cause that too can cause infections and bad odors!

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I guess if you want it perfect, you should try waxing... although I probably wouldn't do that... due to the pain. I don't know I shave down there and I get it baby smooth. I know some parts I have to go against the hair to get it smooth. Maybe it's your razor?? put a fresh new razor on, or upgrade your razor

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but for a males point of view. We like some hair down there. Not much, but still it has ;P

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no..not all guys like a bit of hair down there

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if there is no hair, feels like a child's vag

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Laser hair removal,, fast effective, and you never have to shave again, and you will be as smooth as a baby's bottom

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a lot of males like that though
and some like a bush
some may like a little

but i think shes asking just for herself not for a guy

Help shaving my vagina
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Baby Oil. And shave in the direction the hair grows, and then go over it again in the opposite direction. Trust me, I've never gotten any complaints.

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clean shaven is SO better..

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I'm not sure that you will ever get your pubic area as smooth as you legs unless you were to get expensive laser removal or wax which would probably hurt a lot.
Pubic hairs are a lot thicker than your leg hair, it's a completely different topic when it comes to comparing how you shave.
If you can get it clean the way you are doing it now, then keep that up, I would hope no guy would be THAT picky about how smooth it is, as long as it's clean.

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Mmm :/ I don't know how you stand it. For me when I shave down there, it itches like crazy!

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i wouldnt completely shave it because it may irritate your skin. but clean-shaven, soak in the tub with warm or hot water, use vaginal soap and a new razer. i hope i helped !

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