What US cities have large Hispanic populations?

I know Washington D.C for example and Atlanta don’t but I went to D.C over this weekend and I saw quite a few of hispanics and latinos which is quite rare. I don’t know if the hispanic population is growing around the DC area or not but I saw some..idk about Baltimore or Virginia but I did see quite a few in D.C and suprisingly a very attractive group of hispanic girls. Now does atlanta have any hispanics as well or latinos? Where can I find this information about what cities have different ethnic groups? What cities really do have big hispanic populations like give me your Top 10.

Answer #1

Miami, Los Angeles, almost anywhere in Texas, California or Florida. ._.

Answer #2
  1. Miami
  2. Texas
  3. California
  4. Los Angeles
  5. Florida
Answer #3

There is a very large group of them right outside of Atlanta they aren’t in the city but they are maybe 30 mins out….really I live 15 mins south of Atlanta and there is a large group here too but around doraville and cumming have the largest group in the Atlanta

Answer #4

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Answer #5

Chicago has a very large group of hispanic and latinos It is known to be a melting pot in multi nationality neighborhoods.

Answer #6

Los Angeles Texas New York Phoenix almost all U.S cities have hispanics :P

Answer #7

Hispanics are everywhere in the US seeing they lived around here when they were mayans and aztecs, they have a right here. Who cares about the population of them, yes they move here because the US is making it impossible for them to live where they were. So instead of worrying about your superficial stuff like hot hispanic women (which isn’t surprising at all) maybe you should worry about how we can make it so they can live in their homeland and not have to come here.

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