Want church do you go to and how big is it ?

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I go to King's Church Hastings and we have around 450 members, but we're aiming for 1000 :)

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Well, I go to a church every wednesday, to go to a group called Rock Solid where there is a new topic everyweek & we play games related to that subject.

Im not religious in any way but I have been going every single week for 6 years & I have learnt lots.
they like to put in a little religious question but no one really notices.
It's like being brainwashed lmao.

It's not that big. it's about the size of 3 or 4 little shops put together.

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I go to St. John's Roman Catholic Church in Gravesend, Kent, England. The church itself can probably hold about 275 people, so it's quite large. As well as that it has a large hall at the back.


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do you have famle that gos with you aliyah0137?

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I go to a korean church---빚 과 소 금 ^_^ its really quite small... lol

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I go to emmanuel baptist we can hold at lest 160 mabe more.

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Church, apart from place of worship is something more for me. It is a place which is always there for me whenever I feel low. I go to Christian Life Assembly, not just to worship the Almighty, but also because I get a chance to serve people by some way or the other. Also, it's a place where I understood the real meaning and importance of many relations.

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Elly, you are racist...
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