Is it better to chug energy drinks or drink them more slowly?

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i think it's better to drink them slow-for me if I drink it too fast I'll get heartburn. Ow!

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they're not too big, just chug them. or take a sip to get some energy & when you crash take another sip, lol

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Not those shots, those big ones like monster and amp. I can't have too many energy drinks or I'll get sick but I love energy drinks if I just sip them.

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The one I get is an amp. And it's much bigger than those 5 hour energy shots. lol :D

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I find if I chug an energy drink then I get really hyper for a short period of time and then I crash and get really groggy and tired, I prefer to drink them slowly.

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With anything you drink, its best to drink it slowly, not only to avoid heartburn but to avoid it going down the wrong pipe.

You have a better chance of it affecting you negatively when you drink it fast, so it is better to drink it slowly.

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Chug! Chug! Chug! XD Jk ;D

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it is better to not drink them at all because they are very dangerous and if you drink 8 monsters in an hour it is equal to a high dose of a certain drug starting with a c which is not allowed in this reply that rhymes with locaine.

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I am not drinking a monster though.

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what great advice, I'll be sure to try it sometime

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chug them so you get reaaly hyper and then fall asleep :)

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well that is good because monster is the worst, the least strong of energy drinks is Red Bull and right beneath it is Mountain Dew, and then you get into the pops.

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Yeah, I have the amp. It's not too bad. I only have one when I really need it. Like now. haha :)

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energy drinks aren't good for you regardless.

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