What do you think of Christopher(first) Rylee(middle) for a baby boy?

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well you have to like it…not anyone else…because one day that boy will say mom, why did you name me that…and you will have to come up with a good reason for calling him that! :P

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Hi temptress! ooh, I do like the name, and there is a very good story behing why I picked the name. Christopher, was my fiance’s best friend, he hung himself at 15. Also, Rylee, my fiance’s middle name is Lee. =]

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Good reasons :) it sounds pretty good!

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ahh, so sorry to hear that…just breaks my heart hearing how young teens lose their lives to car accidents or commit su!c!de at such an early time in their life! :(

I am glad those names mean something to you…i think he would be honored to know that he was named after 2 good people! It’s so unfortunate that he wont have the privilege to have known your fiance’s best friend….but that is why you have pictures(I’m hoping) and many wonderful stories!

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=] Yea, my fiance has many stories he can tell it, We only have pictures of him on Myspace, but no actual photo’s =[

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I was also thinking about Aaron Christopher, Christopher was my fiance’s best friends first name, Aaron was his middle name.

Leah Nicole for a girl, Leah has “Lee” in it, my fiance’s middle name, and Nicole is my middle name.

Kaylee Ann, Kaylee has “Lee” in it, and Ann is my grandmothers middle name. =]

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hmm, as long as he will be able to see them…maybe you can take some print screen shots from the pics you guys have of him on myspace & go to the paint under your accessories & copy paste it into there & the save as a jpg with his name…so you have them on your computer…if you have a printer you can always print them on glossy paper & it will be a real picture according to the size you want it to be… if you like you an even frame it in a picture frame…just a thought! :)

Answer #9

Yea, that’s a good idea, we will most likely do that sometime in the future. Right now I have no way of printing or anything, but if I ever do, then I will be able to. The pictures aren’t going anywhere. =]

Answer #10

absolutely…hope that advice helped :)

Answer #11

Yes, thank you. =]

Answer #12

any & all are just awesome…as long as they have a sentimental reason behind it & dont sound like something that might affect him/her in the future meaning like can be teased because of it…then its all good…because you know kids are cruel…and they will take advantage of another kids name to make their lives a living hell! In the end the kid is the one that has a traumatic childhood that will cause you many years of therapy god forbid! :)

Answer #13

anytime :)

Answer #14

Lol, thank you. Those are the only names I have thought of that I could actually see myself naming my kids. I believe I will stop at four, that’s the max number of kids I want. Lol. I would rather have 2 or 3.

Answer #15

I like it :)

Answer #16

lol, i used to say that too..”when I get married I want to have a big family with 5 kids…” After almost 7 years of marriage & almost 9 years together…tried to have kids for years.didnt happen…I guess we werent meant to be in the first place that is why it never happened…kind of changed my ways of thinking. Today If god blessed me 2 kids…a girl & a boy I would be ecstatic…but unfortunately that is out of the cards for me…at least at this point in my life…i mean…if you are truly happy…and truly love each other unconditionally & can learn to put up & forgive one another for almost anything then your relationship has a good chance of making it stick…but if you even have the slightest bit of differences…if things that cant be dealt with may become issues in the future…and on top of that you have in laws or family members constantly getting involved in your business…then there aint nothing that will make that relationship stick…not even mutual kids! In today’s world…love & kids just dont make a relationship work…hard work(meaning compromising), patience, forgiveness & understanding just might. I wish you all the best my dear…have 1 or 4 kids…the number is just a number…just make sure your both honest with one another & make time to listen to one another…without communication you have got nothing but lies & deceit before it turns into quicksand & it gone! ♥

Answer #17

=] Thanks. I am so lucky to have my fiance. I couldn’t ask for a better guy. He is honest and sensitive. We are good at making things work. We compromise, and forgive each other. When we get into arguments, most of the time it is only because I am moody and snap for no reason. But 5 minutes later, we are cuddling, and watching TV together. =] I love him so much, and can’t see myself with any other guy.

Answer #18

Lol no .

Answer #19

that is music to my ears…the best of luck to you both with a bright future full of kiddies & laughter! ♥

Answer #20

i love it. :)

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