to get better at dancing..
is it better to make choreo or to go learn someone else's choreo

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thaaanks !!!

very very helpful

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I would think to be able to learn and progress you would have to learn from someone else and study their moves and style for quite awhile before you shoot out on your own. Make sure you don't take any of your previous instructors "signature moves" or try to imitate his/hers---do your own stuff, be yourself. Work as a dancer for quite awhile and let casting directors see you for who you are---a dancer that listens to directions! Can pick up routines quickly and able to execute the moves quickly and accurately. Once you have established yourself as a dancer--the performers will remember the really good ones and actually ask for these people.
Then when you are ready to strike out on your own, not as a dancer but an actual choreographer, those same casting directors and performers are more likely to come to you because they are familiar with u, your work, and your style. Eventually you could build a pretty significant and prosperous business.
Its a really LONG road and the work is jard and sweaty, but rewarding and pays off I'm the end if you work hard to get to that point---its not a career for slackers!! {=

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