What do you know about China?

It is for my daughter. She has to make a report on WHAT PEOPLE SAY ABOUT CHINA. Thank you, everyone.

Answer #1

A lot of US products are “Made in China.”

Answer #2

They are extremely overpopulated.

Answer #3

It overpopulated. It has child labour. That a large amount of items in the North America are made in China. That the majority of toys caught with lead paint were made in China. It has a very rich and interest past/history. That a whole bunch of great dog breeds originated from there- Pug, Pekeinese, Shih Tzu, Shar Pei etc.

Answer #4

Thank you. She has recopied your answer.

Answer #5

New fact for us, indeed. :-) Thanks.

Answer #6

You may want to tell her to write it in her own words… she shouldn’t steal others words for her homework. She should only get ideas from others.

Answer #7

It is not stealing. She is being a reporter and is asked to collect people’s comment on China. If she has to write things about China, it is way piece of cake for her :-)

Answer #8

Actually she has to ask her dad, her uncle, her friends’ parents, So I gave her idea what about listening comments from people of other countries. She is happy with the idea. She will quote your and Patricia’s names.

Answer #9

Its communist.

Answer #10


Answer #11

Thank you,:)

Answer #12

Ah, I see.

Answer #13

I know that at any given time i can look around me and find at least 10 items if not all that are made in China. They are over populated and over polluted as a result. And every business in China is overlooked by the government. You think the IRS is bad. Try being executed for not paying your taxes. Maybe an exaggeration there but just to stress the seriousness of communism.

Answer #14

Well since I’m Chinese XD. Like everyone said, it’s way overpopulated. Everywhere you go, you are swarmed with people. Life there is extremely fast-paced, you will notice that even the escalators at the subways move MUCH faster than escalators elsewhere; I had trouble getting onto it and help up a line of angry fellow Chinese people LOL. Because everything is so fast-paced there, people tend to not be as “nice” or as “friendly” as my fellow Canadians, I had my foot trod on many many times receiving just a glance, no quick sorry at all; I certainly don’t see many people offering tourists help if they are lost like here in Canada. Hmm… what else. The driving is terrifying there for pedestrians. Unlike drivers in Canada and other places I’ve been, the drivers do not stop for pedestrians, rather they continue on at full speed and honk at you to get off the street, and will only stop at last minute so you must always be aware of your surroundings. Everyone lives in apartments, well most people, when you step out of your apartment you will find many stores immediately, you definitely do not need to travel far to get what you need. The places are rather dirty, and gross, compared to the cleanliness of Canada lol, although in higher-grade places it’s much better. The average person does not drive or own a car, they take the bus and the subway, having a car is a luxury there, as there is no space to keep one, and parking is extremely expensive. Oh, it’s really humid there, the moment I stepped off the plane my glasses fogged up. Of course, all this is from my own personal experience going back there, and I did not live or go to the more expensive places OR tourist places, so it would be rather different in those places.

Answer #15

Ooo food is rather yummy though, even the really cheap street food is good. Just don’t try to order in English, they glare at you. There is a whole lot of newer technology there compared to America and Canada, lots of newer, more technology-advanced games like in arcades. Shopping is cheap there when you go to the regular malls, unless you go to the more expensive districts.

Answer #16

LOL, sis you’re so negative about it xD. I almost got crushed by a car :| violent driving.

Answer #17

Lol, I remember that, I was with you dummy.

Answer #18

This must be great comment :-) Thank you, Jenicee.

Answer #19

China is the 4th largest country in the world (big enough to have several times zone). It only has one time zone though. China is sometimes a day ahead of the U.S. The chinese year is based on the moon; they go based on a lunar calendar: oldest calender in the world. Beijing is the capitol of china. Its Chang Jiang river is the fourth longest river in the world.

Answer #20

Thank you, Chino :-)

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