Cheerleaders only!!!

I have tryouts in august and my toe touches are very low. I need a way to get them higher. I need some techniques.

Answer #1

a really great way to get your toe touch is by working on getting ALL splits, which I know is a pain in the butt, ^.^ but it helps, and also jumping, and trying to see how high you can raise your body off the ground by shrugging your shoulders and working on technique. wall splits help a lot also just work on flexibility every day and keeping your chest up. :D

Answer #2

Aliyah0137: what are wall splits? Are they when you lay on your back butt against the wall an spread your legs apart, sit looking at the wall and form a v-sit position against the wall, or neither?

Answer #3

stretch a ton. and practice and push yourself on your splits. im not a cheerleader, but I am a competition dancer, and many of my friends there are either cheerleaders or drill team dancers. the wall splits should help a ton, too. stretch, stretch, and stretch. thats all I can really say. lol.

Answer #4

The height isnt a big deal, just work on legs straight, and toes pointed. But do v-ups. & stretch everyday, that should help (:

Answer #5

just keep parcticing and why practing more you will be able to bring them higher. thats the est advice I can give you. im not a cheerleader I do gymnastics. and in gymnastics when something is not good enough we must work harder at it. hope I helped!!!

Answer #6

the more flexible your splits are the better your toe touch will be, use a wedge to further stretch your toe touch, good luck doll!

Answer #7

im a cheerleader also. and mine used to be that way also. first just like stretch and get it so your legs will be far away in a V when you do your toe touchs. you can practice like kicking one leg in the air like half of a toe touch. and keep one leg on the ground. that will get your body used to have your legs up that high and such.. then just practice jumping. make sure you go up on your toes right before your going to jump cause that will give you height. I hope this helps. good luck!

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