Cheerleader to soccer player

so im a cheerleader (captain) and I’ve been cheering 7 years . I am a freshman and im on varsity . I dont think my school takes cheerleading serious and so I want to try something new .


never picked up a soccer ball in my life . I told my friends and they laughed , but it makes me want to prove them wrong (im very competitive)

any ideas ?

Answer #1

Go for it I’m a fresh and play soccer I made varsity it’s a great sport

Answer #2

im a pro footie player. and trust me its the best game in the world and dont listen 2 people that say you gotta research it bla bla bla.. ok you need 2 no the rules but after that you learn by doin it… I have been playin since I cud walk SERIOUSLY… and you don’t need 2 be really super fit. as long as you can run with out coughing up a lung then your fine.. but what you do need is confidence.. think it, visualise it, do it… and remember “soccer” is a team game… pass pass pass.. and you don’t need 2 be beefy or have a huge pressence im really skinny and b/c im a striker(offense) I get kicked a lot but the key is show no pain let the ref handle the game… and as I said have confidence.. you will catch on really fast. if you want 2 support a team… manchester united is your team ;).. im the top goal scorer in the league with 19 goals in 5 matches. but I don’t get big headed b/c no player is bigger than the club. so get out there kick some azz.. and the main thing enjoy it. :) let me no how you do ok? :)

Answer #3


soccer involves a lot of running and endurance. start running a mile every day and if you can gradually build up to at least 3miles a day, you’ll be way ahead of the game.

also, you need some strongs legs. beef up your quads. go to the gym and do some leg presses.

since you don’t really know much about the game, you should probably research it. google is your best friend. or wikipedia. research the rules of the game, and then playing strategies.

you also need to find out (eventually) what kind of a player you are. either your defense, offense, or goalie. (or possibly some combination of the three). find out where you are the strongest, or which position you are best at mentally, and develop yourself.

things to learn how to do:

-drop kick a ball -dribble with your feet -correctly throw in a ball -kick long distances -get around a defender with the ball -and for fun…slide tackling :)

have fun and good luck.

Answer #4

If soccer peaks your interest, now you have reason to really go for it…and they laughed ‘no more’ :-)

Answer #5

well im not one of those girly more of a skater I love to skatebord.but I play soccer with my labs.before you try out try playing with your dog or a really close friend that knows a lot about soccer.and wait till she or he tells you you are ready.and when he/she dose don’t just jump around you also have to make sure your ready.

              !good luck!
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