How often do you go check out people's profiles just to be checking them out?

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you mean as in reading their bios? i do that quite often to get to know people.

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does this mean i should write stuff on my about me so people can get to know me? lol i do that a lot but i never thought of someone else wanting to do it

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haha just stuff about you :D i scan through people and talk mainly to the people i share a common interest with :D

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If someone likes one of my answers, or follows me, I'll usually look at their profile. Other than that, not very often.

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I read people's bios when they follow me, and when someone i'm not following yet says something either really smart or really dumb

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alright i am going to think of something x3

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dew it :D haha

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Yeah write some stuff on your about me, it does help people get to know you a bit better and share your interests that helps also :-)

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also did you mean like just looking at peoples profiles because you find them atractive? confused at which one you mean

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Not too often.....

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i just did lmfao i felt so awkward doing it like ... ok ... what do i write xD but i think i got it good, i will work on it as time passes

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That's the extent of my venturing around, besides when I'm trying to answer random topic ?'s.

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A lot hahah. Usually if I'm not FunMailing, I'm browsing peoples' profiles. :)

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Regularly and randomly ... I'm a lurker and get paid to do it, lol!

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Haha yes you do lol

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Constantly. lol o.o certainly when someone gives me an alert for following or commenting.

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Pretty much never :/

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