Cheap things to do with my daughter for fun?

What are some cheap things I can do with my daughter so she can have fun with her friends

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I 12 and me and my friends like 2
have sleepovers
give each other makeovers
listen to music
make food
do a fashion show
go for walks
have spa days
watch dvd's

hope this helps- luv Mel! xx

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Rent a movie
Lunch in a park
Roller skating
Arts and Crafts like designing a t shirt
Do each others make up or nails
Laser Tag
watching community plays
Dances at school or community
Make Dinner together

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okay so I am 13 and the last thing she will want to do is spend all summer long with her mother doing each others make up set up lots of times when she can hang with her friends and allow her to have a party with your supervision of course. if you think that she still thinks guys have cooties she doesnt so maybe have a couple of parties where girls and boys are allowed again with your supervision. definetly set up a shopping day and a spa day and do not do something lame like craft projects if you are going to deseign a tshirt make sure it is something online and something she would actually wear. I hope this helps!

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lemonade stand
walk the dog
garage sale
arts and crafts
movies night(scary movie marathon)
barbicue with the neiehbors
go swiming
hope I helped, good luck :)

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im 13 and me and my freinds have fun with just makin spa stuff at home and watchin movies..

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maybe go bowling or just watch a movie at home togather or just
run around togather good luck

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bowling, take them to the beach, swimmin, bike rides,

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I think some good idead would be to..

rent movies
have a girls day
go WINDOW shopping ;)
make breakfast, lunch, dinner, ect.
let her talk to you
watch sap movies
watch funny movies
watch sopeoperas :D
be silly
eat eat eat
kick the guys out of the house

whatever her hobbies are...
things related to that she would like

I hope I helped! :D

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go to a fun place and watch movies and go to the park to have a nice stroll in the park go to your other familys house and plat with your cousens and have great time with your family

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My daughter is 12 and we live in Washington where it is raining and cold MOST of the time. Bowling and Movies is what we have always done. I'm trying to figure out what else to do since "make overs" would be just too weird for me since I am a single father raising my daughter. Kickin the boys out of the house, well that would be me. I can't rollerblade because I have a disability that limits me from this activity (unless I want to break my legs). Well, if anyone has some answers, please email me: thanks.

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I know you asked this question a while ago but I just decided to sign my daughter and I up for a cake decorating class together. It sounds like it should be fun and she was really excited to do it as well. I found someone in Des Moines who does it.

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ill show you mine if you show me yours

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