How can i get more chaperones for the dance?

Me and my friends were going to go to the mall.. get manicures.. get outfits.. and everything for this big dance this saturday.. but theres a rumor that its going to be cancled because there isn't enough chaperones. Is there any way I can do this without just asking my parents.. because they have plans already..

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Some ideas of people to ask: parents, neighbors, relatives, members of clubs or groups your parents know, teachers, coaches,dance/music/fitness instructors.

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You can tell everyone in school to ask their perents and family or big brothers and sisters if they have time and if they do have them be it.
You can make flyers so the students can take home and give to their perents or guardians and stuff. How about some teachers being it too? Ask some teachers if they could do it too, ask family friends, and people in your neighborhood as well.

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What about asking teachers that are already chaperoning to bring their spouse/significant other to help chaperone.

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thats the thing.. teachers dont chaperone.. its all run by parents.. ill ask if the teachers could chaperone tho.. :)

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I'll chaperone your dance, if I can have one dance lol

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wow.smooth hahaha

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