How many channels did you have when you were a kid?

If you are under 30 please reframe from answering.

Answer #1

I had 2 and if the president was on your night was over.

Answer #2

I remember 2 as well, don’t rememeber the names of them though lol

Answer #3

I know one was fox but I do not remember the other one, Fox played cartoons after school for about and hour that is why I remember it.

Answer #4

I know you said that people under 30 should refrain from answering, but I wanted to say that according to my mom (who’s 35), she remembers at least 4. I don’t know how young she was when she recalled them, but she definitely remembers watching mtv as a young teen, even skipping school one day to watch the music video for ‘video killed the radio star’.

Answer #5

Oh I forgot all about those, I was thinking the weekend lol. Well now I remember 3 dureing the week and 2 on the weekend. Watched He Man, She Ra, ducktales, and I can’t remember any others, its been to long :-)

Answer #6

My mom and Dad,who are 50,had 5 channels…All of which turned off around 11pm

Answer #7

Refrain. Reframe is to change a frame or the psychological term means to look at things in a different way. And I may be under 30, but we only had 4 channels.

Answer #8

Yes there was He Man, Ducktales, I dream of Genie, and the long ranger. I really liked I Dream of Genie. lol

Answer #9

Well ty for the spell check, I hope that a site admin fixes it soon. LOL

Answer #10

Well I basically went from cartoons to no tv because after I got to b like 11 yrs old I didn’t care for tv to much, I do love to watch I Love Lucy, I still watch that cuz she is tooooo funny, I have watched I dream of genie in the past couple yrs and it was ok

Answer #11

I asked my dad, hes 39. He said that my grandparents only had one television and he was the only boy out of four kids so he didnt get to watch enough tv to even be able to answer that. :D

Answer #12

We only had one TV and it was in a real big box on the floor with a 19 inch screen. I was the remote for the 2 channels we did get for my dad, and later he got a VCR for it.

Answer #13

About a dozen. The big 3 were ABC, CBS, and NBC. PBS was usually too fuzzy to watch and there were a handful of independent stations.

Answer #14

True most of the time I was outside, but I grew up on a ranch and had a lot of animals to tend to.

Answer #15

I predate MTV, Fox, CNN, etc.

Answer #16

Wow that snds like fun

Answer #17

Well I feel special now, when I was growin up we had 2 42 inch floor model bigscreen tv’s and each of us had our own tv in our room, me and my bro, anyways I still have a VCR and a Beta recorder :-)

Answer #18

Yes I loved when my dad told me to weed eat the front fence line, and mow the pasture. And moving a 1K squarebails is a lot better then going to the gym.

Answer #19

No my parents did not think a tv was that important. They said it was a privilege and could only be watch if I keep up on my chores.

Answer #20

I actually love doing things like that, my first job I was a landscaper, I wud love to do it again, mowin the yards, runnin the wacker, and liftin railroad ties

Answer #21

I had not really heard of MTV till I joined the Army in 1996.

Answer #22

My parents were the same, if my work wasn’t done or I got a bad report on my report card they wud come in and snatch the tv real quick, and we cud only watch tv at certain times, we just cudnt sit in front of the tv. Mine and my bro’s tv was a 19 inch I think, to long ago to remember exactly

Answer #23

I could watch a couple of cartoons on Saturday, and then a few programs during the week. during the school year I really never had time to watch the TV during the week. The bus ride home from school was about an hour and then I had chores to get done before my dad got home from work.

Answer #24

I had three, abc, NBC and CBS…my parents did have cable for a couple years but that was a tiny part of my childhood.

Answer #25

My parents got a dish as soon as I went to the Army.

Answer #26

Hmm, I lived in NY and am a 75’s girl so in the mid 70’s i think there was cbs, nbc, fox, abc, wor-tv, wpix & pbs if u had a antenna on ur tv set of course u could also play with the round thingy (we had a huge color tv in the living room and a small color tv in my parents bedroom & when they werent home which was most of the time i would curl up in their bed & when there was smth up with the antenna, i got me the screw driver & messed with it. You remember they had those 2 big round thingies, the vhf & uhf dials so i would be messing with it pushing it in while turning it till i saw 47 in snow, played with the antenna & got a clear pic…it was the Spanish channel….:P

Back in the day all we did was watch tv…cartoons galore…if I was lucky & got to be stuck home, woohoo, soaps at 12 -3 “days of our lives” and many more…then cartoon fever then “what’s happening” “Different strokes” & “facts of life” “the jeffersons” and much much more lmfao :P

ugh, those were some good times…good tv & very educational! :P

Answer #27

I’m not old enough to remember the ring thingy, but I have seen them, I think thr called tunors, but I’m not sure

Answer #28

yeah the tuners… thanx :P
was a trip & ur not that much younger sweetie…only 2 years..we were pretty much watching the same thing growing up that time…

Answer #29

Ur welcome, and I didn’t start really watchin tv till I was like 8 or 9 and didn’t care for tv much after that, I still don’t watch much tv, maybe 3 hrs a week, I barely know how to work the remote control, I have to get up sometimes and go to the satelitte box or tv to do wat I want, lol

Answer #30

wow..ok…by 8 years old I was begging to stay home to watch an epi of “days..” :P

Answer #31

Lol, yeah I’m not much of an inside girl, I love the out of doors, it makes me so happy to be outside, but not when its raining :-), and lol on watching Days of Our Lives, if that’s wat show u were talkin bout

Answer #32

We had 5 TV-Channels, when I was a kid. I’m born 1981 and I live in Germany.

I don’t have TV at all at the moment. Mine was broken about 10 year ago. And I noticed I wasn’t missing it at all. So I threw it away and didn’t buy a new one. So my Kids grow up with ZER0 TV-Channels. We got Internet if we want to read the news and we can watch films on DVD on the computer. I still don’t miss TV.

bye the sheep

Answer #33

I had 2…channel 2 and channel 11.

Answer #34

WE HAD ONLY ONE: TVRI: television of Republic of Indonesia…. we had another channel when I was around 14…) Don’t laugh LOL!

Answer #35

lol, yeah that is exactly what i was talking about…I am hooked i must admit…I am a days aholic but since I moved i have missed so much…at least 6-7 months worth & stopped trying to find missed epi’s on youtube…since aug…couldnt keep with all of them (my favs were days of our lives, one life to live, young & the restless & of course general hospital! :P

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