How to find a lost password on my computer

So a while ago my mom changed my computer password and forgot it, so therefore I haven’t been able to restart my computer or shut it down in over a month, because of her I cant get mcafee to work so im pretty much open to any virus, and whenever I try to delete my password it says I have to know my old password… And since my screen name is the administrator I have no way I finding my password… Please help I’m so frustrated!

Answer #1

If you never shut your computer down and its still running in the administrator account, just create a new account with administrator privileges and your own password and forget that one.

Answer #2

u can just click on remove password go to control panel then users and account click on your account then remove password

Answer #3

You can log on as administrator on safe mode.If you donot have the admin password,you have to reinstall your windows. In consideration of remaining all programs and data of the computer,I recomend you to use a passowrd tool:Windows Password Rescuer.It supports all versions of windows operation system.Recover Windows password without lose anything.Here are the simple guide: Step 1: Download Windows Password Rescuer Professional and install it in any available computer Step 2: Burn a bootable CD/DVD or USB flash drive Step 3: BIOS settings of your locked computer to make it boot from CD/DVD or USB flash drive Step 4: Reset Windows password successfully

Answer #4

I am afraid that you can not foud out the password on windows,but we can reset or remove it.How to reset windows password?There are some common methods:

  1. Log on your computer by using built-in Administrator account in safe mode, its password is default blank if you never change it. So that you can use it to change all other user password. 2.Use a password reset disk if you have already created. 3.If the methods above are unavailable,you have to reinstall your system,or else you must use a password tool to crack it. Recomend you to use “Windows password rescuer professional”,it is simple and safe,and can recover windows password in several minutes.You can free download and try it free if you need. Follow the steps you can easily recover the password: Step 1: Download Windows Password Rescuer 3.0 Step 2: Burn bootable CD/DVD or USB flash drive Step 3: BIOS setting,setup your computer boot from CD/DVD or USB Step 4: Reset Windows password by a few clicks. GO to Windows Password Rescuer official site: for more info.
Answer #5

If you have a bootable USB drive,some password tools can be burn to it and you can boot your computer from USB to run the software,so that you can recover/remove WIndows system password from USB. Such as Windows Password Rescuer,here I just list the simple steps: Step 1: Download Windows Password Rescuer Step 2: Burn bootable CD/DVD or USB flash drive Step 3: BIOS setting Step 4: Reset Windows password

Answer #6

Firstly, you can try to reset on safe mode. if failed you can use the reset disk to reset if you have. But if unfortunately you don’t have it also doesn’t matter because you can create a new reset disk by yourself by downloading free reset program. If all methods are not helpful I think you can try to use reset software, like Anmosoft Windows Password Reset, which can allow you to reset or change your password, or create a new account.

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