How do you change your art style?

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Practice copieing art peices of the style you want to do

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I want a new style of my own not someone elses. I don't copy others art I have a thing against it

How To Change My Style?

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I gave this some thought, and I don't think you can change your art style, per se, but you an change how you project it on paper. Just take a different approach the next time you draw.

Instead of drawing what you want to see, draw what it is that you feel. That's what I did; I used to want my art to look perfect. I don't have to tell you that the art you make doesn't need to appeal to anyone, just yourself, now do I? :) So make sure it's you that's on the paper.

Or try drawing with your fingers instead of paint brushes, and if you have a procedure, toss it out the window for a moment.

Good luck :)

Change my style
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A good artist is one that goes with what the canvas tells them to do. Think about it if you try to draw a Picasso on a day when you really want to do Michelangelo then is it really going to be your best work? Some artists have no defined style but still make very lovely pieces that people like.

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I don't work with canvas but thanks

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yeah whatever. i said practice as in maybe get some ideas as to the techniques they use. and K the only art i can do its copying pictures, i dont see why you have a thing against it..

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just practice other fussions of paper painting ect

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