iPhone or Blackberry?

hi all, should I get the iphone or a blackberry?? im kinda baffled, because I know the iphone is bound to get better, but the blackberry is just irresistable,

could someone give me some advice, hence the website you are on

Answer #1

An sdk for the iPhone has just come out, and iPhone 2.0 is coming in Summer, and the blackberry isnt going any where. Just wait until the summer and see what happens

Answer #2

tks that really helped!!!

Answer #3

blackberry because iphone freezes too much

Answer #4

I think a blackberry. my mom has one and it’s REALLY great, but if you want an iphone I suggest you wait until like may or june because that’s when they’re coming out with the iphone 2, so you can get the old one for really cheap, or be one of the first to get the new version!

Answer #5

I have the iphone and I don’t think you get your money’s worth from from. It has so much potential but apple keeps dropping the ball. No if you jail break iphone you start to see the phone’s potential.

Answer #6

I agree with others on here about waiting to see what happens in late summer or fall of 2008. If you have your eye on the iPhone, things are getting better and better as was recently witnessed by an auditorium full of software developers. Here is what I reported recently:

Some pundits have said that Apple splashed into a new spotlight with the iPhone and now they have to do something else to keep the momentum. What they may not know is that the iPhone the front man for more products to come which will build upon the iPhone. The iPhone now has almost 1/3 of the smartphone marketplace only second to RIMM. It has nearly 75% of the total mobile internet browser usage VERY IMPRESSIVE!

Today, the Blackberry is the enterprise phone/pda tool but the Apple iPhone may soon overtake the #1 spot all while being used by people who have no idea that they may soon be taking home work at the same time they are checking on their children by voice or by text message.

Blackberry is #1 in corporate messaging but Apple has listened and is now working with Microsoft to bring fast and simplistic email, calendar, and security to the iPhone. So what does this say exactly? Well, it indicates that Apple has a platform that won’t be pigeon-holed but will come out on top as a flexible solution for the masses. Weather you are a corporate user, a high school or college student, or a mother, Apple can meet your needs in many different ways.

A blogger said it best: “I really had no idea how powerful the iPhone was as a device. I have one and have loved it since day one, but now to see a glimpse of what the future will bring and it is amazing.”

Also as the iPhone utilizes a touchscreen; Apple hybridized the Apple OSX operating system and their much improved touchscreen technology to create a fantastic platform for game developers. The key here is that software developers are not limited by physical keyboards or button. Because it is touchscreen, developers can place buttons and controls anywhere on the screen! Another technology allows the user to hold and move the iPhone up/down/left/right and mimic joystick movement allowing popular flying type games and even first person shooter type games.

What this means is that there will be an iPhone for all types of users: Telephone only, Gamers, Business men/women or any combination.

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Answer #8

I phone for sure

all apple products are the best!!!

Answer #9

the iPhone I had iss mad niceee. but the black berry 9000 is better. I just got it and I love ittt.

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