What celebrities are said to be racist against African Americans and is this true or not?

I heard Megan Fox is racist against black people..well she said she wanted middle america to die-that’s what i heard..and taylor swift hates kanye west, does this make her racist against black people? And what about other celebrities..like Miley Cyrus, Carrie Underwood, Emma Watson, Ashley Greene, Vanessa Hudgens?? Hayden Panettiere, Audrina Patridge and Lauren Conrad? are they racist towards blacks?? Just curious why still some celebrities still are.

Answer #1

If they are racist then we shouldnt even bother talking about them. Racism is wrong against all measures.

Answer #2

I swear I read this exact question before and it was answered – do the world a favor please and don’t spread lies.

Answer #3

smooth :P

Answer #4

No self-respecting celebrity would admit to it, even if it was true for them, it would end there career in a heart beat.

Answer #5

I am pretty shure he has asked this question already

Answer #6

the only racist i know of is mel gibson and his reason is because hes a minge

Answer #7

sigh. Why does not liking a person make you racist against them? Why is it that you always ask who is racist against black people? What about people who are racist against others? Not liking someone does not make you a racist. And there are racist people all over the world, including celebrities, there are also racist African American celebrities and people.

Answer #8

Pop stars.

Answer #9

This is the best answer iv seen all week, yeah what about those ppl racist to greeks and egyptians!

Answer #10

Meat Loaf certainly isn’t.

Answer #11

I agree Irene, its like calling someone racist for not liking rap music!!! WTF???

Answer #12

I must insist that disliking a certain person who happens to belong to a minority group does not make you an enemy of the entire group. I do hate one politician in my country who happens to be gay, but that certainly does not make me homophobic. I only hate that certain politician because he talks nonsense and promotes antisocial bills, not because he’s gay. I also have a very good friend who happens to be gay. But that does not make me an active “supporter” of gay people in general either. I like the man because he is a cool and interesting person, not because he is gay.

It’s much the same with ethnic groups. If you hate a certain person who happens to be a member of an ethnic group or racial group, that will not make you racist. Racism means discriminating against all people of a racial group for no other reason than that they are a member of that racial group.

Racism does not necessarily include hate either. If you are convinced that all members of a certain racial group are good at musical rhythms by nature, then that is also a form of racism. If you are convinced that all members of a certain racial group are unable to organize their community or learn complicated things and have to be led and protected like children then that is very racist, even if you like those people and will do things that you believe to be their benefit.

Answer #13

Dog the bounty hunter admitted that the n word is used regularly in his household, but I’m not shure if that would make him racist.

Answer #14

uh no not liking a person does not make you a racist it just means that you have an opinion i have a lot of asian friends however there is one girl who is asian and i don’t like her that does not make me a racist it just means i don’t like that one person

Answer #15

No doubt some celebrities are racists. Most celebs carefully manage their image and keep to themselves anything that would alienate part of their audience and hurt their earnings. A few use their celebrity status as a bully pulpit though. Certainly Mel Gibson let a few controversial remarks fly when he was drunk. Last I heard Ms. Fox is bisexual. I wouldn’t expect her to like fundamentalists who disapprove of her lifestyle and advocate discrimination against her kind. I don’t know if any of the people you list are racist. Until I have evidence otherwise I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt.

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