What are these cats thinking?

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they are trying to make a humans head explode

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they were creeping me out a little.

I think my cat is sick

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the first one is thinking, "gosh a allways take the perfect pic ... okay get your smile together fluffy"

the second one is thinking "ugh, okay which camera do i look at ... okay wht the hxll i'll try this one"

the third one is like "ugh im allways the odd one out, they never care im all ways in the background"

the forth one is thinking "okay, last pic and im off to bed ... but i have to go to the litter box first!"

the fifth one is thinking "hope i dont get cut out of the pic like last ... ohhh to late" *snaps finger ... well paw*

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ANSWER #4 of 11

did you bringed krunchy stars that tasted like fishes?

Do you think my cat is neutered?

ANSWER #5 of 11

Does it matter? Lol

think hard
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they are thinking what the hell are you taking my picture for give me some food!!! lol

I think my cats sick

ANSWER #7 of 11

Why aren't we spayed/neutered?

I think my cat is not very smart, any ideas?
ANSWER #8 of 11

Evil! That's so mean. Lol.

what do you think about the pasasailing donkey stunt?

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Not bad either, but the spayed comment made me actually laugh at my screen. :)

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I want chicken, i want liver, meow mix, meow mix, please deliver?

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