Cats or dogs

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well, I like both but I hate the fact that cats kill baby rabbits and just leave them and don`t even eat them, they just leave them!!! but if they are inside cats I dont mind them

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I like puppies too!

You want a gun pwincess irenemarie?

Oh no...agghhh!!! avacuate the...WEBSITE aghhh

Cats labour

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Dogs. I'm not a cat person at all.

What should she name her new dog?
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I Love Puppies

But I Adore Kittiess!

Great Now I Want Gun :(

What can I do about my cat's dandruff?

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Lmaooo TYPO!

Haha I want GUMMM!

How can I get my dog to stop peeing in my cats room?
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Haha I drive faster when I see a cat >.<
10 points!

Cat and shirts, do they fit?

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Hands down.
Cats dont usually cuddle and are very tempermental.

Spaying/Neutering cats & dogs.
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Hands down dogs!

What are cats like as pets, thinking of getting one?

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My cat has a cold!
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Dogs :)

Housesitting plus dog and 2 cats

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