How to get my neighbor's cat to stop pooping in my yard?

HELP !! I have neighbors on both sides of my house , and they have lots of CATS. Every day I walk out to my back yard , there will always be poop all over the grass and on the dirt, ALL over !! I am very upset about this. Please help me? what shall I do?.

Answer #1

Here is my story. This neighbour had three cats. The cats would make a mess on my yard. I spent hundreds of dollars on product called Repel, hot peper, and human male urine. None of it worked. Luckily the city has Animal Control department that rents cages. I rented a cage several times and it took one or couple nights to trap a cat. I took the cat to animal control, few days later the cat appeared back on my yard (after the owners got it back). It seems that if you trap the cat multiple times, the city will give them $10 ticket. So I rented the cage, cost me $10, and the owner pays fine $10. This is not a winning situation for me. I like cats, but hate poop in my yard, I don’t mind to clean after my friends’ cats when they poop in their box.

So finally, I ordered a trap from a animal trapping company. You have to learn how to set it, but it is trivial. You will have to buy top notch cat food. Then when you trap the cat, sadly, you do not take it to the Animal Control, but you take the cat in the cage and drop the cat at night in the next town.

I am sorry but the other ways did not work. I feel that it is the owners fault, and there should be license required to own cats and they would need to take a course on how to take care of cats.

Answer #2

Get a BB gun or build a cat trap…you can find the plans online…once you get the cat in the trap, put it in your car and take it somewhere else…the woods, a park, the local animal shelter…anywhere but your back yard… I had the same problem, tried to talk to my neighbors, same story as you…I bought a BB gun that was not powerful enough to kill a cat, just to cause some pain…after a few shots, the cats stopped coming around, however, it didn’t fix the problem totally.
All bets were off when my 2 yr old was sitting on the grass one day playing with cat crap, covered in it…to make a long story short, there are no cats left around my house… There are also more humane ways to deal with it. There are chemicals you can buy, etc, but the best product I saw was a motion detector sprinkler. It was expensive, but as soon as a cat wondered into its area, it would start spraying water. You would most likely need more than one depending on the size of the yard. Good Luck.

Answer #3

they doo have this stuff called stay away by harts. dont spray it on the cats but in your yard. or try putting a litter box or something out there or tell your neighbors to. that should help..

Answer #4

I’m a neighbor that owns cat pooping in MY neighbor’s garden. He just left with some suggestions. I came to the internet to find out about cat pooping and ran into this site. I’m going out to buy a cat litter box to place on our deck. Hopefully the cat will poop in the box and my cat won’t poop in his garden.

Answer #5

scatter moth balls it works wonders as they don’t like the smell.

Answer #6

Have you tried to talk to your neighbours? As far as I know if there are animals that are loose you could probably call animal control (but this is a little extreme, and they may take the cats…) Talk to your neighbours and try and find a solution…

Answer #7

I feel your pain. My neighbor has dozens of stray cats she feeds and the same thing happens to me.

There are products on the market that will discourage animals from certain areas in your yard. I have not tried this because it is a little high. So I can’t tell you how well it works.

You can find these products in your farm supply stores or pet stores. Some cities have laws against any pets being loose but I don’t know how well this is enforced in your town and a cat is so hard to control.

Answer #8

I’ve done that myself in the past…after all other attempts failed

Answer #9

The hose it a good idea. It’s not like you are throwing knives at them.

Answer #10

Most municipalities allow for property owners to trap animals (Have-a-heart box trap) which can be dropped off at the local humane society for either adoption or destruction. This is the legal way with no liability. Neighbors seldom want to do anything concerning there loose animals even when you ask. On a side note, one outside cat attracts other outside cats. Meaning lots of outside cats.

Answer #11

Well, this might seem mean to some people, but it doesn’t bother me. My neighbors have lots of cats too and any time we every caught there cats on our lawns, pooping or not we would spray them with the water hose. They stopped coming into our yard because they got tired of getting wet.

Answer #12

The hose works well as do turning on the sprinklers, but if you want something that lasts a little longer, just get a cheap jar of red pepper flakes and throw them all over where the cats frequent. This definitely works for us. We have a million wandering cats in our neighborhood, but our planters are no longer kitty litter boxes!

Answer #13

$300 in vet bills??? is cat poo bad for dogs, what actually happened to your dog??:D I have a 1 year old puppy and he is desperate to get out of a nite time to go and eat the cats poo (my neighbours CAT) … he comes in, licking his chops and I hate it!!! Pepper hey? there must be something else we can put down on the dirt as that would be a very expensive way of doing it!!!

Answer #14

get a dog! :P

Answer #15

This MAY work, but I don’t know what it would cost if they are doing it in a very large area. Pepper, you can buy the unground pellet type, that works the best, I used to have indoor cats that would try to use my house plants as litter boxes, no no no! so I finally put some pepper pellets, or balls, whatever they are called, unground pepper in the flower pots, and cats have very sensative smell, so they stayed plenty clear after they got a whiff of the pepper, works on them just like pepper spray works on people. You may just try to put it down in the area’s you walk most frequently, if it costs a lot, it has been many years since I purchased unground pepper, I also do not know what it would do to grass, but it never damaged my house plants, so best of luck to you.

Answer #16

Same problem.My puppy has had coxcidia twice from eating the cat crap in the backyard and $300.00 in vet bills.The cats come in my yard and my dog barks…the cat doesn’t care and then the neighbor calls Animal control for one day of barking when we were’nt home.But, her cats can crap in my yard…I need to look into this…Unfortunately cat owners seem to have way more rights then dog owners…I guess.I would put the crap back in their yard…water always seems to freak them out.Good luck!

Answer #17


Answer #18

hee hee that is kinda funny

Answer #19

I’ve had this problem, if you have a cat throw your cat’s poop in their yards or “borrow” some from someone that has a cat. this works even better, this does work. just don’t let your neighbor see you!

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