When cashing ur points in do u use ur username to have a checked mailed or do you use your real name when filling out the form?

Answer #1

QUESTION: What do you mean by cashing in your point? can I cash my point?

Answer #2

Yes but u have to have at least 350 pts, u can cash in a minimum of 250 pts at a time, u must have 100 pts in ur account at all times that y u must have 350 cuz.when u cash in 250 that leaves 100 pts left, also u can cash them into a paypal account or if u live in the US u can have a check mailed to u

Answer #3

And the 250 pts equals 25.00 just so u know

Answer #4

i don’t believe you have to have 350 points because once you click the my points and the box comes up that says request funds comes up then you are able to at that point.

Answer #5

Oh and to answer your actual question you use your real name NOT your username

Answer #6

Real name. It would be odd for a postman to see an envelope for “imlonely” lol.

Answer #7

When requesting a cheque, please ensure that your full and legal name is submitted so that you can cash/deposit your money at your bank. Your account must be in good standing and active to qualify for cash for points.

Answer #8

Quoted from the FAQ. http://www.funadvice.com/doc/faq

Answer #9

I know it sounds funny but its always good to make sure

Answer #10

Ok it says full and legal name, so it is ok to just put first and last? Or do I need to put middle to? I allready filled it out but only put first and last name

Answer #11

LOL….and just to get those 250 points will take about a year to do…..Whoopee!….$25 a year….now ya can afford a Burger King meal and a movie….hahaha!

Answer #12

R u sure bout the time it takes to get all those points? I got like 800 in 6 wks

Answer #13

Oh ok, imlonely…so what did you do to get that many points in such a short time…a month and a half? You must have been hard at work on here to make that $75!

Answer #14

uhm? i’ve made 370+ in the last couple of months…

Answer #15

I don’t know y I made that many but I only been on here since the end of october, I have been signed up since january but I never used the site till october

Answer #16

Imlonely, that is not true. Please stop giving out false/misleading information to other users, if you don’t know…or are unsure, don’t answer….or at least say “I could be wrong”. This is not the first time you have given false/misleading information about how things work here on FunAdvice.

Answer #17

I made over $300 in the last month. Ddavel544, I am tired of you. All you do is complain, and make fun of this site.

Answer #18


Answer #19

hahaha! …i knew it !….If everyone could make $75 every 6 weeks ….I’d be doing it on 5 different sites!!

Answer #20

It’s fine Imlonely, but you really need to make sure what you say is true, before you post it. Ddavel544….I made $300 in the last month on here, what are you talking about? Maybe if you spent a little less time complaining and making fun of the site, and a little more time giving good advice, and answers providing the site with good quality content…maybe you would earn more points.

Answer #21

So yer sayin you made $300 from this site alone in one month?!…Hard to believe ….

Answer #22

Oh OK …i get it now….every time you post something ….and one of your friends “likes” it ….you get a point…..Very clever operation ya got going on here. Sorry for my ignorance….will be inviting all my friends to do the same.

Answer #23

It’s true. I cashed out my points, a little over 3,000 points in all. I am waiting on the check.

Answer #24

Oh ok ….it takes …3,000 points ….and not 300…but still I gotta say …very smart ‘operation’ …having yer friends ‘like’ whatever you say….Really …it is very brilliant …not kidding. Good money maker!

Answer #25

You don’t get “a” point…you get “points”. How many you get depends on the category of the question. You get even more points for making How To’s, and Tips. :]

Answer #26

It’s not only your “friends” who “like” your answers…it’s anyone here that thinks it was a good answer. You can’t just get your friends to like all of your things…that is considered point boosting, and your account will be disabled.

Answer #27

Oh crap …now i got ‘homework’ to do.. to bad I already told them to close me account. (sigh….could’ve been rolling in millions!)

Answer #28

But there is now way for anyone to know who all my friends are…lol!

Answer #29

Haha, you are so funny! -_-

Answer #30

sigh I’m done trying to explain things to you. You are obviously just immature, and here to be obnoxious. Glad you decided to ask for your account to be deleted. :] You wouldn’t have been here long anyway with your crap.

Answer #31

We don’t need your middle name

Answer #32

Ok thx so much

Answer #33

IF It is TRUE that you can cash your points then I would suggest: MAKE more email accounts, then MAKE more FA accounts…using different and false names: FOLLOW yourselves, and you can like (to earn points) as many as you can: GOOD LUCK!!! hahahah what a thought!

Answer #34

That is NOT something you should do. First off, I believe you need to read the ToU that you agreed to. Multiple accounts, and point-boosting are a violation of the ToU, and you WILL be disabled. Also, why do you feel the need to give illegal advice to everyone? You are basically telling everyone to commit fraud, and violate the the ToU…plus telling them good luck!

Answer #35

The comment u made was towards Srisetiyowati, right Angelee27? I’m just tryin to make sure

Answer #36

Yes, it sure was.

Answer #37

Ok thx

Answer #38

@sri_setiyowati that’s a great way to get banned - please don’t encourage users to commit fraud, or you’ll be removed, yourself.

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