What's your favorite cars?

What’s your favorite cars?

Answer #1

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Answer #2

smart car

Answer #3

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Answer #4

the classy cars like BMW’s Aston Martins, Rolls Royce’s, and the lambos, most of them anyway. I like ford mustangs and shelbys too. all great.

Answer #5

I’m partial to Honda’s, mainly because they last forever, are amazing on gas, and are very easy to find parts for.

All 3 of my vehicle’s so far have been honda’s.

Answer #6


Answer #7

corvette duh!!! my vette is red and awesome!

Answer #8

the scions umm yeah I know what you talking bout!! we once fit like ten people in there it was awsome!

Answer #9

I don’t know what they are called but they are the ones that are shaped like boxes and are pretty small.

Answer #10

second one down [link removed]. something like that could make me money. then i could buy two. and so on.

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