What career pays more?

I was listening to my sister talk about how one of her friends’ mom or something got a very good paying job doing something related to the state/law, and it got me thinking about it. What career pays 2-3 times more than photography?

Answer #1

The career you love & makes you happy. No pay check compares to that.

Answer #2

get a job working for the gov. my dad works for them and makes a lot…just dont put ur kids in private school cuz then they take all ur money.

Answer #3

That’s very true.

Answer #4

Amen to that. +1

Answer #5

It may sound trite and formulaic, but the thing you do best is the thing that will pay you best over the long term. Its really true.

Answer #6

To get specific however… I’d group the best paying jobs in the following order:

  1. Highly skilled jobs (lawyers, doctors, etc)
  2. Information related jobs (science, computers, managers, programmers)
  3. Jobs requiring skilled manual labor (backhoe driver, crane operator)
  4. Skilled service jobs (nursing, real estate agent, etc)
  5. Retail jobs & Unskilled service jobs (Flipping burgers, misc office jobs)

The WORST thing you can ever do, is put on your resume that you’d like to do anything. Pick something, and get good at it, thats the one way to have transferable skills in this economy.

Answer #7

the career that you like is the best choice because is the best to do something you like than do something you don’t even ever it pay more.but remember there so much careers out there thats pays well.

Answer #8

Anesthesiologists have very generous salaries. I’ve heard that the median salary is over $300,000. I wonder how much the malpractice insurance is….

Answer #9

Idk, happiness doesn’t pay those unexpected bills that seem to pop up in life….I’d rather have a job that I tolerate and be financially secure than a job I love and have to scrimp and scrape from paycheck to paycheck. Of course I’m shooting for my dream job, but life doesn’t always work out as planned. Thats what happy hour is for! lol

Answer #10

Depends which side of the world you are from. The mining sector in Australia, especially Western Australia is booming. A site admin, what we call paper pusher gets over $65,000 but it’s a fly in and fly out job and it’s only an administration, clerk type of job…..Tradesman tends to earn a lot, especially a sparky, heavy diesel mechanic.

Answer #11

So go ahead and be an easily replaceable cog in the wheel then.

What we are saying is, if you really love a job/skill, then you’re gonna be automatically good at it. As you get better, you get paid more. And because you’re good at it, you will be in demand for it.

It’s a virtuous cycle.

People really great at their job don’t Fu*ck around with happy hour. They spend their time becoming indespensablene and the best at what they do.

Answer #12

Ericson’s right - my dream job was to be a chef, and I accomplished that with 18 years of experience under my belt, only to realize it wasn’t the job that made me happy…turns out, I love to write and that’s what I’m doing now (aside from the job I have here, that I absolutely love)….what I get paid is dependent on the work that I do - with my writing, and here at FunAdvice, both - so even though it may not have been much in the beginning, it’s showing promise as I gain more experience and make more money from it.

Answer #13

In all seriousness, not a lot of people get the chance to find a job they absolutely love and enjoy turning up for work everyday….I agree with chartreusechick, the majority of us work to live and not live to work….I much rather have a job I’m not 100% happy about, but it pays well, a job that allows me to pay my bills, go on holidays, whilst on leave get paid the ‘fortnighty hours” and so on….If I had to choice a job I love with miminal pay and a job I have which I’m miserable in but pays well, I would select the later. Happy hour and holidays are the de-stresses. Trying to makes ends meet and having to scrip and save isn’t much of a life.

Answer #14

Absolutely. But if thats the expectations you set for yourself, then thats what you’re gonna get.

Answer #15

So you think just because you love your job you are not replaceable? In a Eutopian society, it would be a virtuous cycle, but none of us know of such a place. The real world doesn’t have such black and white margins and unfortunately not all of us get the chance to work our dream jobs. My mother worked her dream job and boy did we struggle growing up. It wasn’t sweatshop pay or anything, but she had the opportunity to make double her salary doing something else. Despite the opportunity she stuck with her heart. I respect her for sticking it out, but being a single mother of two kids on her salary was not easy for her. It was very rough on her, and in the end she was STILL tossed out like a rotten sack of potatoes. Everyone runs the risk of being replaced. Some people are luckier than others, but loving your job doesn’t always save you…..I wouldn’t even go as far to say that it saves you most of the time. I don’t want to put my children through what I had to go through growing up. If I have to sacrifice lower paying dream job for a more financially secure mediocre job so my children can have a more enriched life, then you bet your sweet bippy I will! I won’t even think twice.

Answer #16

NOTHING saves your job. Not even if you’re good at it and love it. There is NO MORE JOB SECURITY in the world.

What makes it worth it is WHEN you get fired or laid off, what do you do next? For someone with a mediocre job who is easily replaceable, you’re generally toast. Especially in this economy.

For a job that you’re good at, you’ll see how easy it is to move into another one. In a day and age where if I advertise for a job I get tons of resumes, I’m not going to hire the person who just shows up 9-5 I’m gonna hire the standouts.

Answer #17

I would beg to differ. You’re only toast if you aren’t good at your mediocre job. Many may loathe their jobs, but are quite good and efficient at them. I guess we will have to agree to disagree on this topic. :) You do raise some good points though..

Answer #18

I would beg to differ. You’re only toast if you aren’t good at your mediocre job. Many may loathe their jobs, but are quite good and efficient at them. I guess we will have to agree to disagree on this topic. :) You do raise some good points though..

Answer #19

i highly disagree with the whole “no more job security” my dad has a great job and gets paid a lot, and the best part is ud have to kill someone to get laid off. so basically, hes never getting fired and anyone who works in the same job as him will most likely never fired unless they do something like try and kill someone. whats even better is there is no specific time he has to show up, unless hes working on a big case. just sayin, u know. get ur facts right cuz some ppl do like their jobs, and some ppl do have job security….

Answer #20

Thats rich. Respond to this thread when you actually start working in a real job.

Answer #21

Hmmm Nikki, what a twat. How can you enough say you disagree with the argument when you are not even legal to hold down a full-time job seriously….Out of curiosity, what does your dad do?

Answer #22


Answer #23

You should put more weight on the career you will enjoy, rather then the pay. Photography can pay well, depending on what kind of photography you do, and how established you are. Some aspects, such as cinematography can pay really well when you have the right experience. Regardless of the pay, its much better to be doing something you love.

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