How should you plant cannis bulbs

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WE've done exactly as you have, we're in So. Cent. Wisconsin. BUT, my wife says the bulbs are dead, so we shouldn't plant them. What should they look/feel like? The bulbs feel soft, is that a problem? Please reply to

Jamie S.

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Plant them in spring about an inch or 2 below the ground with roots down and the bulbs pointing up. I plant them about a foot apart, since the bulbs will multiply during the summer. Don't plant them deep. I fertilize with some miracle grow twice through the summer. They seem to like the sun. They grown in all types of soil. I have very sandy soil and am in Northern WI, my mother has very fertile black soil in the Chicago area and they do well regardless. They bloom towards the end of the season and a mature bulb can get 5 feet tall easily. In the fall cut off the stalk about 2 inches above the ground and dig out the bulbs. Remember that the bulbs will have also grown so be careful not to dig into them. Shake off the dirt and put them in a loosely covered bin in a cool dry place for the winter. ( you can pile them on top of each other) I started with ten bulbs nine years ago and now have 150 bulbs due to them multiplying.

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I think they need to be 6 inches under ground. They should be placed at least 8 inches away feom each other. They flower and thrive in sunlight or a well light spot in the yard. You wont see them come up unless it was in the fall to come up in spring.

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