Will this give you a negative so you can pass a drug test?

Just wondering? Is it true that if you empty a couple Drops of bleach in to a sample of urine during a drug test Will it clear up the thc and give you a negative so you can pass?

Just wondering cauze I have a drug test comeing up And im not sure if thiz will work or not. [random drug test.]

Thank you 4 the help =]

Answer #1

nah it only changez coler if you add to much

Answer #2

It won’t “clear up” the THC, but bleach, vinegar, and other chemical adulterants can interfere with the EIA enzyme activity necessary to produce a positive result. So, yes, adding bleach to your urine sample should prevent any positive result. Some people go as far as to coat their hands in powdered bleach then “accidentally” urinate on their fingers if they have to give a sample under supervision.

However, it should be noted that… a) Most labs test for common adulterants as part of the routine of drug testing because you ain’t the first person to try this stunt. b) Chlorine (bleach) is one of the easiest chemicals on the planet to detect by smell, and most of the time, it’s painfully obvious to anyone with a nose that a sample has been tampered with, even at only a few parts per billion.

Short answer: yes, it will work, but no, you won’t be fooling anyone.

Answer #3

your supposed to empty a bottle of eye dropz and phill it up with bleach and then wrap it around your penis [the bottom]. after you urinate u squeez the bottom of the bottle and squirt 3 dropz of bleach in to the cup filled with urine…he wont see a thing and niether will he feel it when he pats you down cause he wont touch your private area.

Answer #4

how are you going to get the bleach in your urine with him standing right there? P.O.’s don’t let you go potty alone.

Answer #5

itz not a test that will be going to the lab. itz just a random drug test I get from my p/o [as in probation / officer] where I urinate in a cup and it givez me the resultz right away. will he know its a false negative? [he wont be sniffing my urine so we can put him smelling the bleach aside]

Answer #6

A routine part of any urinalysis (drug or routine) is determination of the specific gravity. Bleach will alter the sg of urine and is a sure way to alert the lab of tampering, leading to a hair test. The best way is to drink quite a bit of water (15-20 large glasses) leading up to 2 days of the test, exercise daily to the point of sweating, and ingesting an over the counter cleansing drink. and just to add, I’m a biochemist… The trick is to speed up your metabolism and flush the liver and kidneys with the water, and mind you I said water, not soft drinks, beer, etc.

Answer #7

itall probelly change coller or sumting

Answer #8

nope. won’t work. good luck

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